Hello friends , hope you are doing good. Amidst all good things, there is something that has come as a huge shock and also a good effort to put a curb on corruption. yes you know it right I am talking about the new currency topic. this is a great initiative on the part of our respected Prime Minister. Everyone is busy exchanging their old currency notes or withdrawing new ones, some are facing difficulty, some are standing in long queues, some smiling faces with new notes on their wallet. I just came back  after watching Rock On 2, and its a nice movie, Farhan’s songs, amazing Meghalaya, Laitlum, lake Umiam, Shraddha Kapoor’s acting (better) so you can go and watch it with your whole family.

Coming to this new post, just to lighten the mood since everyone is very busy or anxious with the currency exchange process,I have come up with an exciting weekend trip idea to Pichavaram Mangrove Forest. Pichavaram is a coastal town located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal near Chidamvaram, in the Cuddalore district.  Most of the time we visit Chennai and for sightseeing they take us in and around Chennai and Pondicherry is a must visit in the itinerary.If you can spare just a day extra then do visit this lovely place. It is a break from the regular beaches,where you can enjoy boat ride with your whole family or group or even alone. The Pichavaram Mangrove forest is the world’s third largest mangrove forest. The Sundarbans of west Bengal is also famous for the Mangroove forest. If you have visited that, you should also visit the one in Pichavaram.


How to Reach – The distance from Chennai to Pichavarm is 230 kms and if you are traveling from Pondicherry it is just 74kms, around 2 hours drive. you can book cabs or there are buses to reach Pichavaram. You can also take a train, nearest is the Chidambaram Railway station that connects Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirapally. By Air you can also reach , nearest airport is in Tiruchirapalli.

Where to stay– Pichavaram is a village, there are may be a few resorts, I have seen signboards, but please make sure if you want you  stay and enjoy the scenic beauty of the back waters. or the nearest town is Chidambaram  where you can get some hotels or lodge to stay.



We started around 10am in the morning and reached Pichavaram at 1pm.After we reached the first thing is to collect your tickets for the boat ride, across the mangrove forest that is spread around 2800 acres of back waters with group of small islands. there are paid motor boats and also row boats for rent on the basis of hour, it is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Tourism board. The mangroves are the best place for bird watching. We rented a motor boat for 2hours and its best because the weather was not that merciful on us. The best time to visit is throughout the whole year.


Take your own drinking water and also some snacks especially if you are with kids because for food you shall have to travel again a long way to Chidambaram. Wear something light and comfortable, as you will really feel the heat. Keep your heads covered with caps/hats. The boat which we rented had a huge cover, so that was a big relief from the harsh rays of the sun.


So that was it we enjoyed our ride across the thick mangrove forest, on certain places we had to bow down because the branches were so spread all around that it would almost hit our heads. It was indeed a wonderful ride. We left the place at around 5pm. Hope you found this post interesting, also don’t forget to share your experience if you happen to visit this place.

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