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How To Look Fabulous While Travelling

Who doesn’t want to look fabulous and keep it stylish all the time especially while travelling? But it may be little bit complicated at times or may be you need to come out of your comfort zone. Generally when we think about travelling or vacation all we can think about being in some loose trousers, breezy shirts, trekking shoes, sneakers, we try to keep our luggage light with the thoughts of carry it to places, travelling from one location to other. But even in that we can try to keep a balance between both. Staying in our comfort zone we can still keep it stylish. Here are some simple styling ideas which will help to make a fashion statement yet being in your comfort zone

How To Look Fabulous While Travelling


Now-a-days the internet is blooming with sellers from all from the world, stocking wonderful travel accessories. Be it your name inscribed passport holders, attractive luggage tags, charms for your handbag, laptop bags and what not. This little things are not only going to add that extra bling to your outfit but shall also make you stand out in the crowd.


A stylish silk scarf or rather a cotton one, comes a long way in keeping you stylish. Its can spice up a a simple outfit, yet protect you from heat if you are travelling in the hotter locations. use it as a headband or simple wrap it around your neck, tie it in your waist as a waistband, wear it as a bandana around head. Its multi utility makes it a stylish piece to be included in your travel wardrobe. The exciting part is you could also customize silk scarves using silk printers offered by textile companies like Biddle Sawyer Silks. Additionally, custom printed scarves could be the perfect way to get your artwork noticed. However, if you are travelling to a colder region, a woolen scarf or a scarf of cots wool fabric will help you stay warm.


Shrugs are really in fashion these days. You can style it in a number of ways.Wear it over your tank tops, t shirts, crop tops, its definitely going to raise the style quotient. In summer a shrug will help you to conceal the exposed parts of your arms. You can also wear with with your beach outfit. When you are travelling to slightly colder regions, a shrug cardigan comes a long way protecting you from cold winds. You can layer your sweaters with a shrug cardigan.

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Sunglasses have now become an essential part of our lives.The stores are flooded with various shapes and sizes of sunglasses. Leave behind your regular pair of glares at home.Wear a reflectors for a change, mirrored sunglasses, oval shaped, round shaped, etc. These are trending right now and these are going to raise your style statement while travelling.I guess you must have noticed how the celebrities look super glamorous wearing a basic t shirt blue jeans and a trendy pair of sunglasses.

  • BAGS

Carry the right bag. A Personalised Bag is a crucial item to pair with any outfit, so you need to make sure you get one right for you! Rather than carrying a huge backpack, you can carry its mini version. Along with it you can carry a trolley backpack which is a backpack that can be pulled like a trolley. You could also check for the best slim laptop backpack that can house almost all your important stuffs including gadgets. There are lots of stylish travel bags available in the market. A duffel bag or even a tote will also come a long way. Its not only spacious but will also look chic with every outfit.


Wear a comfortable pair of leggings or even a jeggings to make it all different. Add some colors to your clothes.These are stretchable piece of clothes and I am sure you can wear them during trekking or even if you need to walk a few miles on foot. Loose trousers are indeed best for travelling but you can alternate them with leggings.The will help you to avoid repetition.

  • HATS
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Hats are that chic piece of accessories that shall spice up your look instantly, also proving you some relief from the heat. They are the best solutions for bad hair days and also when you are travelling too much and in need of hair washes. Fedora hats, a base ball cap or even a wide Brim hats goes well with any kind of outfit.

Well, friends these are some of the tips that you can use to spice up your travel outfit. These items are available with everyone, you just need to use the right thing at right places. You may travel frequently and I am sure you want to make each of your journey memorable and at the same time want to look stylish. Do comment if you find my tips helpful. Share it with your friends and do add if you have something more to add onto it.

All the images are taking from google and I have shared the sources as well. Please click on hyperlink HERE. If there is any objection regarding the pictures feel free to write me.

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