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Pinterest is a great resource if you want to use it effectively for your blog. It is also one of my favourite blogging tools. I have been using Pinterest for a long time. Initially, it was just pinning some random pins in an unnamed board. There was no direction and I was very irregular, sometimes I would pin once every four to five months. Pinterest is not like any other social media platforms.

If you are posting your favourite selfie or maybe your favourite beach holiday pictures, or picture of your dog just like you do in Instagram or Facebook, you are absolutely doing it the wrong way. It has something more to give you rather than some likes or comments.

Pinterest has to be used in a slightly different way. Pinterest has helped me in many ways to grow my blog and also get some amount of traffic in my blog. Though I am still learning ways how to use Pinterest for my blog traffic. I often have stable connections at home for me to do all my blogging work + Pinterest on both my laptop and phone. I thought why not share my experiences and my knowledge that I have about Pinterest that can help your blog. If you are wondering how you can use Pinterest for your blog here are 10 ways that can help you-

10 Proven ways you can use Pinterest for your Blog

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1. Getting Inspiration

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is like a visual directory. There are lots of pins some relevant and some maybe not which can guide you, help you and also inspire you. One common thing that we bloggers face is a lack of blog post topics or ideas. We love to write but we are at a loss as what to write to attract our target audience. There are lots of pins which can give your blog post topic ideas.

There are possibly thousands or more of these pins from where you can get some hint or suggestion as to what can be your next blog post topic. You can get catchy blog titles that can really work for your blog. A catchy title is the first thing that will attract your audience.

That title alone can be a deciding factor whether they want to proceed with your post or not. If you love something in Pinterest you can save it in your relevant board for future ideas or inspiration.

2 Creating Rich Pins or Blog Graphics

What are Rich Pins? Pins that are visually appealing with beautiful and attractive fonts and images, having a proper pinnable size and colourful texts. Rich pins or blog graphics matter a lot these days, just filling a blog post with words is not enough. It should also give you some amount of visual pleasure. Attractive pins can get you lots of re-pins which will help you in getting blog traffics and make your content go viral.

You can use your own images and turn them into visually delightful pins or you can make them on your own using websites such as CANVA, FOTOR, etc. Of all these websites I found Canva the most useful and resourceful one. Not only blog pins you can also create/design your own Insta story images, twitter or facebook covers, logos, etc. You can also use Pixabay, Unsplash, Canva, Pexels, etc for free Stock Photos to create rich pins. If you want more information on how to create Rich Pins, please leave a comment behind and I shall write a post on that too.

For using CANVA You just need to log in with a new account or just log in with your Gmail or Facebook account and there you go. You can use your own photos, upload them in Canva and then fill in relevant texts, use attractive fonts and colours and create visually appealing Pins.

In Pinterest you can find millions of free templates to design your own pins, you can use them too. Do some research and see how the bloggers have designed their pins that have a high number of repins. See the patterns they follow, the fonts, they use, etc.

Viral pins means the content to which these pins are related is viral content. Keep on experimenting and evolving your style. There are lots of Youtube tutorials that guide you on how to use Canva. But I am sure if you can design your own blog then using Canva will be an easy task for you.

3 Creating Relevant Pinterest Boards

It is very important to create relevant Pinterest Boards. This will help other Pinterest users to visit your profile and get relevant information from your boards. If you have a blog with multiple niches or say sections then create a separate board for each section and pin relevant pins related to the board theme.

Use catchy names but it should be specific about the board theme. You can use a cover picture for each board. Make a specific board for your blog/business, name it after your blog. Create at least two-three pins for each blog post and pin them first on your Blog Board and then on other boards.

But don’t do that on the same day, keep pinning them throughout the whole week. For example, I have a board name- INDIA TRAVEL GUIDE, I pin only those pins that are related to travelling in India.

4 Make a business account

To get all your monthly analytics, like how many monthly viewers you have, your visitors’ statics, viewer growth, etc are available to business accounts. Get your website verified. You can go to Settings, Account Settings, Claim. Easy youtube tutorials are there to guide you. The internet is basically full of helpful resources, you just need to use them to fulfill your purpose. 

5 Use Social sharing buttons

Using social sharing buttons are very important if you want visitors to pin from your blog post. Especially the ones that hover over your pictures are very essential if you want traffic. Whenever any visitor who is also a regular Pinterest user will find a useful or relevant Image in your post he/she will try to Pin it.

If your visitor doesn’t find any Pinterest Sharing button over that image, it will immediately create disappointment and chances are your reader may just hit the close button. So it is very important to choose Social Share buttons for your blog.

6 Pinning Regularly

I have been following many established Pinterest users with millions of unique monthly viewers and I am amazed to see the frequency with which they keep pinning. Most of them recommend pinning at least 50-60 times a day. That’s huge, isn’t it? For many of us who are working or have other important tasks to do it’s really difficult. So initially let’s begin with a lower number say 10-20 pins per day but let us keep it constant and regular.

We can increase it gradually. After you start pinning, you will see your homepage will be full of Pin suggestions relevant to what type of Pins you are pinning in your boards. You can pin from there too. If you are pinning relevant pins regularly you can see your unique monthly viewer going up. You can pin 20% pins from your own blog and rest from other blogs you follow or from Pinterest Home Page suggestions.

7 Using the Pinterest Widget for your board

This is very essential for your blog, that is to have the Pinterest Widget. In my blog’s homepage on the right-hand side, you can see the Pinterest Widget that displays the Board which is related to my blog BUOYANT LIFESTYLES.

To embed a particular Pinterest board on your blog you do not need a separate plugin if you are using WordPress. You can check youtube tutorials on how to embed a Pinterest Board on your blog. I think this will vary as we are not using the same blogging platforms. You can also search for Pinterest search options for guidelines.

8 Join Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards are one of the best places to pin and also find some interesting ones for your boards. Where to find these boards? Well, there are many ways to find one. You can join the Facebook groups that Support Pinterest growth, also there are some groups exclusively for Pinterest Group Boards. The owners for these boards update about their boards and also give directions on how to join them these Facebook groups are good ways to find some useful group boards.

Also, you can follow those Pinterest users with a huge number of unique monthly viewers, they will definitely have their own Group Boards with directions to join them or their profile may have Group Boards which they have joined. Bingo! you can search and also send a request to join them. I have joined a few you can check my Pinterest profile too. But most of these boards have rules and you must adhere to it for better performance.

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9 Featured Boards

Do not forget to use one or two of your Pinterest Board as your Featured Board in your profile. Making your Blog related board as a featured board is mandatory if you want to use Pinterest for blog traffic. To set a Featured Board you need to go to Settings > Edit Profile- on the bottom you will find Featured Boards. Click on Edit and you can choose to Five Boards. These boards appear as a carousel and look great on your profile.

10 Optimizing Pinterest Images

Last but the most important one is to optimize your Pinterest Images. If you have properly optimized your blog images than that will show up in the description when you click on any image in your blog to Pin. But if you haven’t done that then you need to write a proper description for each pin so that viewers can relate and understand what is the Pin all about. Pins with so description are looked over by viewers even I do that. They simply don’t interest me and I am sure won’t interest you too.

When using Pinterest for blog traffic, Keywords are very important if you want your pins to reach target audience. Keywords are those words that you type in Google when you are searching for something. Since Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine you must use Keywords so that people may find it.

Each pins must also have a few sentences describing what type of pin is that. Also, you can use hashtags for your pins to be easily found. Along with the description, add keywords, a few lines, or phrases that are relevant to the pin that people would be searching for. If you have an SEO Service provider working for you, they can guide you towards using the right keywords and meta descriptions that would help draw more traffic to your blog.

That was quite an exhaustive post but I have penned down almost all the main features I know about Pinterest for blog and that I have been using for my blog. For me learning is a continuous process, every day I learn something or the other and I try to use it in my life.

Same is with my blog, I learn new things and try to implement for the better progress of my blog. Hope you will find these ways helpful. Do write to me if you want some more information about how to use Pinterest for your blog. If I know I would be more than happy to guide you. Let’s make learning mutual and grow our blogs together.


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