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FABCURATE , Online Fabric Store – Website Review

Almost every woman who loves to dress and keep it stylish all the time knows the fun of crafting different designs from lovely fabrics. That may be a blouse or a kurta or a shirt and even customising a saree from various fabric material is something that is indeed fun and looks super stylish. I …

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30 Feel-Good Movies worth re-watching this Quarantine

So how’s the quarantine life going on, friends? We had seen enough of Netflix or Prime Videos done a lot of cooking, DIYs, cleaning and other kinds of stuff. Even after channelling our inner energies in various ways we still find ourselves to be stressed out and demotivated. For that, I think movies can play …

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Abstract Photography Series- By Gargi Ghosh

Why do I find photography so special is a million-dollar question, which I guess I could never properly give an answer to. There are many reasons for it. To click a picture that tells so many stories, to click a subject from various perspective brings immense pleasure and satisfaction. I have always been attracted to …

Korean face sheet masks + nykaa website+ the face shop + face

Pamper your face with Face Sheet Masks from

Durga Puja is already here and you ladies must be busy going to the salon and pampering yourself for the festival. And definitely, you should do it, out of our busy schedule we must spare some time to look after us. Along with beautiful outfits, shoes and accessories, your face needs that extra added spark. …

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Top 7 Anti-Tan Products I use Regularly and Recommend This Summer

Summers are almost here, along with holidays one thing that Summer brings for us is tan. Most of the skin tones are prone to tanning a lot. I travel daily on public vehicles and get my share of excessive sun rays and thus I tan so much that sometimes a visible line gets formed. Summer …

Outfit related suggestions if you are travelling to Andaman Islands

Who doesn’t love the beaches, from kids to elders we all love hitting the beaches. If you stay in a place where there is a beach than I must say “You are very lucky” but people like me who do not have a beach near me keep on hoping that “Wish we had a beach …

Holi- one of the beautiful festivals of Incredible India

Holi- one of the beautiful festivals of Incredible India

It’s that time of the year that I have been eagerly waiting for and yes! its the time when we celebrate Holi in almost every part of our country, irrespective of language and religion it is celebrated by one and all. It’s the festival of colours, fun, happiness and brotherhood. We love to celebrate Holi …

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