Why do I find photography so special is a million-dollar question, which I guess I could never properly give an answer to. There are many reasons for it. To click a picture that tells so many stories, to click a subject from various perspective brings immense pleasure and satisfaction. I have always been attracted to various kind of photography though I have no proper technical knowledge nor any training when it comes to photography. Though I love it, I have never thought of monetizing this passion of mine. But I know, if ever I feel the need for it, enough information is available on platforms similar to testerheld, that I can take help from. However, one field that I always want to explore but could never was Abstract Photography. Well, here I want to introduce to all my readers my friend Gargi Ghosh who is not just a skilled and experienced professional photographer but has such passion that she can create an image from just nowhere. Her images stand out in the crowd, they have their own voice and speaks louder than a thousand words.

So I asked her why not do an Abstract Photography series for my blog so that I can reach out to all photography loving people out there reading my blog. So next what you read is what my friend wants to say about Abstract Photography and her love for it.

Abstract Photography- By Gargi Ghosh

I enjoy Abstract Photography as this is something which makes me realise my satisfaction in art and to give it a new life which you may think something very extraordinary or something out of the square. I love and enjoy at the same time learning such new ideas and try to implement them through my lens.

So what is Abstract Photography?

Well, to put in simple words abstract photography is also called as non-objective or experimental or conceptual or concrete photography. Which in other words means depicting a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world and that has been created through the use of photographic equipment or materials. Most commonly, abstraction takes place when a photographer focuses in on a fragment of a natural scene, isolation it from its context.

Abstract Photography can be really challenging and engaging at the same time because the usual frame of reference is quite different. The overall composition must give the viewer’s satisfaction and they must be able to understand the construction of the whole image. Here are some of my compositions

You can reach out Gargi Ghosh for Professional wedding and any other kind of Event shoot by contacting her in her facebook page – Click on the Link Here and Do Like her Facebook Page.


Here are some of the Amazing Clicks by her. All the Photographs are owned by the Photographer herself and is Copyright protected.

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