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20 ways for self-care and motivation during this Quarantine period

We all by now have realised how badly we are hit by the Corona Virus. It’s not just one country or two but the whole world is now in its clutches. It has taken away our freedom, mental health and turned our world upside down. Before this quarantine, we had made so many plans least we knew something so bad would have happened to us. It has taken a toll on our lives. We may sit at isolation in our homes but we are devastated with the news coming of deaths through Covid-19 all throughout the world. As such it has become imperative for some amount of self-care and motivation during this quarantine.


Bored? Stressed? well, you are not alone in this, we all are together in the same boat. It has become very important to keep ourselves stress-free and motivated this quarantine period because motivation is the only thing that will keep us sane. To stay motivated is to look after our mental health. We must look at the brighter side of this quarantine period. May be all our plans failed but we are safe in our homes, we are away from the disease and we are taking care of society by staying inside. This is also the best time to explore all our hidden talents and discover what are the things we are capable of. I believe each and every situation of our life teaches us something.

Now that I am stuck all alone in my house with my whole family in Kolkata, every day I am searching ways of self-care and motivation during this quarantine period. I have been practising these 20 smart ways which I felt I must share with you all. All I want to do is to live every moment and utilise the self-quarantine time in the most fruitful way. You need to believe you can and you are halfway.

I am making the best use of this time creating some nice content for my blog which is very difficult to do when I am busy with my professional life. Being a teacher I have responsibilities, I am taking online classes, creating study materials for my students, cooking, household chores and what not. Also if possible stay away from too much news and information on this virus as we all know by now the required information. It may have a negative affect on your mental health.

20 ways for self-care and motivation during this Quarantine period

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1.Reading– Reading is one such thing that we all love to do. This is the best time to finish that incomplete book which you must have taken a zillion times in your hand but couldn’t finish. I have taken out all those unread and unfinished books to complete this period. Currently, I am reading this interesting Indian Romantic Comedy Those Pricy Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan.his is one of the most crucial periods and it is very important to stay motivated. It can be a motivational quote, a book, a speech, an article, you can make the best use this period to read them or listen to them. However you do it, reading is going to help you a long way in this journey of life.

2. Work- out session at Home / Yoga– I was not into any kind of daily fitness regime but now I have started to begin my day with Surya Namaskar, doing it at least 2 times. I used to go to Zumba classes two years back. I started doing Zumba again at home now and so my evenings are occupied with half an hour of Zumba. There are thousand of Yoga and Zumba tutorials which you can do by watching on YouTube channels. Some of the famous Yoga Gurus are also giving online tutorials through various other social media channels, so keep a watch on that.
3. Cooking– Yes, cooking is a great therapy and mood lifter. Since I am alone so I am enjoying cooking small meals, doing a little experiment every now and then using the basic items available at home. No lavish or luxury meals are required at this time preparing simple Daal- Chawal is quite motivating (Pulses and Rice that constitutes basic Indian meal).

#selfcare #quarantine #motivation
Some cooking and Food styling

4. Netflix / Prime Videos – This online means of entertainment is like bae now. If you find registration to be expensive you can share with 3-4 of your friends and keep watching. Re-watch a series you love, I am sure it’s going to lift your mind.

5. Write a journal– I love writing journal but as I said due to lack of time it had been difficult to maintain one. I have already started documenting my life and the challenges that I have faced during this outbreak of COVID-19.

6. Do some digital cleaning– Get hold of your hard disk, your laptop, your phone, memory card and utilise this time to clean some memory for further use. This is one thing I always find boring and later when I travel I find most of my cards full while clicking a picture. Delete unused apps or document files you no longer need or download some nice games to pass your time.

7. Listen to podcasts– You can listen to some of the most motivating podcasts via smartphone apps.

8. Self Skin Care at home– We always complain that we don’t get enough time for self-pampering, so this is the perfect time to do so. Staying at home we can use all those quick DIYs for skin-care. I am sure most of the items are readily available in the kitchen, just go and dig them out!

9. Pedicure and Manicure– We can also treat our hands and feet at home. If nothing then I am sure we all ladies must have pumice stone and hair conditioner at home which is quite handy for cleaning the feet. Soak your hands and feet in warm water and scrub with a pumice stone and a little hair conditioner, that’s it.

10. Start a Blog– This is also the best time to start your own blog. If you have one then you can update it as much as you want, finish any draft posts you have, make new pins for your Pinterest. You can also do some blog reading as a lot of information can be found free in the web.

11. Freelance– Well, it’s a great time for freelancers as you can make the best use of your time sitting at home and also make some money. You can also conduct some online coaching/tutorials and share your knowledge with others.

12. Make Future Travel Plans– This time can also be used to make plans for you travel in the future when I just pray everything will be healed and life will be back on track.

13. Art and Craft– Youtube is literally over-flowing with DIY ideas on art and craft, ways to decorate that unused corner of your house, any unused bottles, mugs, cups, plates, etc that too all from scratch. You can try your hands on some of these ideas. These days lots of craft items can be created out of old newspapers, why don’t you try out some?

#selfcare #quarantine #motivation

14. Baking– Baking is yet another stress buster. The smell of a freshly baked cake is enough to lift our mood. You can try baking mug cakes, cup cakes, cookies, right from the basic ingredients available at home right now.

15. Learning a new language– Yes, it’s difficult but I think it can be tried watching the tutorials from Youtube. I think you can also use Google to seek various ways to try learning the basics of a new language.

16. Gardening– If you have an interest in gardening then I am sure it must be keeping you pretty busy. I have a small balcony garden at home where I devote a lot of time, cleaning and watering the plants. It’s quite motivating when pretty flowers bloom in there.

#selfcare #quarantine #motivation

17. Enjoy Being Yourself– It’s absolutely okay if you don’t come up with any new skill or hobby or do something extraordinary. We can use this phase to show gratitude by being ourselves and content for everything that we have and staying at home. By doing that we are contributing our part for the safety of the community as a whole. Just use the time to be yourself.

18. Learn about a new culture and tradition– My state Assam and other North-Eastern states of India are so diverse in language, culture, tradition with hundreds of indigenous tribes and I love to read about them from books, journals and other materials available on the internet. You can also do that if you have any specific culture in mind. It’s quite fruitful I tell you.

19. Create a new Pinterest Board– Pinterest is really interesting and you can spend a lot of time pinning and reading stuff from there. Know all about PINTEREST here- 10 Proven Ways You Can Use Pinterest for Your Blog

20. Indoor Photography– This is another interesting way to spend some quality time indoors. If not a camera, we all have a phone camera and we can make the best use of it to do some abstract photography at home. I click a lot of self portraits with my tripod and devote sometime in food styling and food photography too. I find that quite relaxing 😎

Do let me know which of the above ways you are following. Make the best use of this time. Stay healthy and Stay Safe and Stay in Home. Take Care and hope you shall share this post with your friends and loved ones.


#selfcare #quarantine #motivation

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