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#chittobaburdokan #dacreslane #esplanade #kolkata #streetfoodinkolkata #chickenstew

My visit to Chitto Babur Dokan in Dacres Lane, Kolkata

Kolkata is definitely a food lover’s paradise. The city boasts of the variety of street food it offers to its people. Almost every lane and alley has its own parar dokan selling an array of delicious dishes. Some local shops and their items are so popular that people come from far off areas just for …

#throwbackblogposts2018 #photopost #photography #roundupblogposts

Top 20 travel photographs that I clicked this year!

So we have finally reached the end of the year. The is the time of resolutions, retrospections and recollections. The best thing that I love at this time of the year is to look back into my blog and what I have posted and written for you all. Last year too I did a round-up …

#guwahatiassam #manasspringfestival #ethnic #tribal

Manas Spring Festival- A perfect blend of Culture, Food and Tradition

It was not my first visit to Manas National Park, I always knew that I am definitely going back again. The beauty of nature, the “keka” (call of the peacocks as we call it in Bengali), the quietness of the jungle, the unpredictable rain, the sound of the flowing water of the river Manas kept calling …

#landslides #survival #strategies #travelblogger #blogger

Survival Strategies if you are stuck in a landslide during a journey

We have no hands-on nature, it is beyond human control. We cannot predict the nature and its behaviour and we cannot control it once it starts creating havoc in its surrounding. No scientific and technological developments can exert ultimate control over these natural activities. It is dreadful and life-threatening if you face one such natural …

6 Questions answered related to my passion for Travelling

Every time lots of questions are asked to me about my blogging journey and how I keep a balance between my blogging and my professional life. Being a full-time teacher working in a government school, carrying on with my love to travel, blogging about my journeys and experiences, and then maintaining a balance between all …

#travelling #budget #travel

Key Benefits of a travelling in a fixed Budget #A2ZChallenge

For travel lovers the one thing that is very important is a fixed budget because you need to have a good hold of your finances, you cannot just go on squandering all your money on a single trip and than sit back and wonder why did you do that. Planning is very important. Why? Because …

#junglesafari #points #travelblogger #guwahatiblogger

Jungle Safari- Points to remember #A2ZChallenge

The jungle is the most captivating and wonderful treasure houses of nature. It’s is indeed exciting to sight wild animals, a peek a boo into their lives, explore the exotic nature at its best. But as it is said that we should never violate the laws of the Jungle. There are certain rules that we …

#travelblogger #safari #holidayactivities #familyfun #familyholiday

Holiday activities for your whole family to enjoy #A2ZBlogchatter

We all love travelling and holidaying with our families, as the famous lines say “The more the merrier”. It all adds to the fun and excitement and makes our journey more memorable. Truth be told, holidays act as an escape from the mundane. So, people try their best to make their holidays memorable. For instance, …

#krangsuriwaterfalls #meghalaya #assam #guwahatiblogger #indiantravelblogger

A Weekend Getaway at The Krangsuri Waterfalls in Meghalaya

Northeast India is indeed a paradise which is unexplored. What makes it unique is its rich culture, tradition, the intermingling of different tribes, languages, cuisines, art and dance. Even nature has bestowed upon it pristine beauty in all forms. The mesmerizing hills and valleys, enchanting forests and jungles, lush green tea gardens, rivers and streams, …

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