Know about me

Hi, my name is Ishani Nath and I am from Guwahati, Assam. Welcome to my lifestyle blog Buoyant Lifestyles. Well, I have started my blogging journey quite a long time back. During my college days, I used to write for other established blogs for which I was paid a decent amount and that was enough for me to say as my pocket money. With the gradual passage of time and I got busier with my studies, then preparing for jobs etc the blogging journey took a back seat for quite some time.

In the year 2013, I joined services in Assam Government as a High School Teacher and later in 2015, I got married to Siddhartha Roy, my partner in crime. It won’t be wrong to say that I got bit by the travel bug after my marriage. Initially, we started exploring nearby places- places near and around Guwahati. We started covering one place after the other in a gradual manner. We manage our yearly leaves and plan our holidays accordingly. Weekends are meant for random long drives and staycations. Travelling for us is fun and also a way to learn the unknown and seek further beyond.

This blog will be a nice place to share all my stories with all of you. Often when I used to upload some travel pictures on Facebook my friends kept on calling me asking all about my trip, how was it, what did I do, what was the budget etc, so I thought this blog may help them and all those people who love travelling and want to visit some nice places in our country.

I love photography and keep on trying my luck with it. I got a lot of support from my family and friends to start this blog and write about my journeys and experiences. By the present time, I had visited quite a lot of places in India. And I already had so much to share about my journeys and interests.

I am quite a fashion enthusiast too. To be precise I am a saree lover and I love to collect sarees and various other weaves from different parts of our country. Along with travel writings in this blog, I shall try to put forward my knowledge of the weaves of India and the latest fashion trends for you to read.

One day while travelling with my sister I started this topic of starting a blog, it has been a long dream for me.  You can say it was quite an impulsive decision but yes I started my blog. I love to work on a  wide canvas from travel writings to handloom sarees to contemporary styling to photography tips and ideas and my experience.

BUOYANT LIFESTYLES is a Lifestyle blog. There is something for every reader who visits this site. In short, this blog is a space where I pour down my love of travelling, fashion and photography.

Thanks for giving your time and do feel free to drop in comments. we shall be glad to receive your feedback.