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The Ultimate North East Bucket List: Places You Can’t Miss

Embark on a captivating journey through the hidden wonders of the Northeast, a region brimming with natural beauty and cultural treasures. This ultimate bucket list introduces eight unmissable destinations that showcase the unique charm of each state. From the serene Majuli Island in Assam, home to ancient monasteries, to Meghalaya’s living root bridges, a testament …

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Visiting a beautiful resort in Meghalaya- Na La Ri Resort

Meghalaya never fails to surprise us. It has blessed us with beautiful locations, tall waterfalls, and high mountain, I have visited many resorts and hotels in other parts of our country but the feeling that you get by staying in the resorts in Meghalaya is unique. The chilly weather, the fresh air, the natural beauty …

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Cherry Blossom-When I saw the Cherry Blossom trees in Shillong!! #A2ZChallenge

I had this dream of seeing the cherry blossom trees blooming but it’s just a few years back that I came to know Shillong in Meghalaya is bestowed upon Cherry Blossom trees and they bloom during the month of November. Every year many people visits Japan to enjoy this beauty and miracle of nature when …

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A Weekend Getaway at The Krangsuri Waterfalls in Meghalaya

Northeast India is indeed a paradise which is unexplored. What makes it unique is its rich culture, tradition, the intermingling of different tribes, languages, cuisines, art and dance. Even nature has bestowed upon it pristine beauty in all forms. The mesmerizing hills and valleys, enchanting forests and jungles, lush green tea gardens, rivers and streams, …

A trip to Laitlum , Meghalaya, INDIA

Northeast is a storehouse of some exotic locations and we are always in a constant search of some newness and freshness. We have visited Shillong many times and every time I visit it refreshes my soul to the core and about Cherrapunji nevertheless I have visited maybe a zillion times I still know it has …