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Visiting a beautiful resort in Meghalaya- Na La Ri Resort

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Meghalaya never fails to surprise us. It has blessed us with beautiful locations, tall waterfalls, and high mountain, I have visited many resorts and hotels in other parts of our country but the feeling that you get by staying in the resorts in Meghalaya is unique. The chilly weather, the fresh air, the natural beauty attracts us like a magnet and we visit almost one a month. I and some of my friends, we always keep a watch on the upcoming resorts in Meghalaya. We are always in search of new places. This time our search took us to a place called Na La Ri in SUMER in Meghalaya’s Ri Bhoi district.

Visiting a beautiful resort in Meghalaya- Na La Ri Resort


The tagline is very appropriate which says Na La Ri – Live in Nature, Stay In Paradise. It is indeed a beautiful property, nestled amidst nature and in a village called as Lawbyrwa, it is a cool and calm place in a natural setting. The view surrounding the resort may not excite you but the calmness of the place will bring to your mind. It is located at a distance of around 80km from Guwahati.

How to reach Na La Ri Resort – When you reach the place called Sumer (if you are coming from Guwahati) you need to cross the road and take a left turn. From there it is 6kms more. The road is deserted but hold your patience and keep driving. I would like to suggest to take your own vehicle as the place is not well connected by public transport. 

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There are beautiful V-shaped huts made of pine wood and bamboo, there a local fishery, a party hall where you can conduct a private function on a pre-order basis. The rooms are luxurious with well-maintained bathrooms. We just went there for a day but seeing the lovely cottages we wanted to spend some time there. The owner is a Bengali person who married a Khasi lady. The name of the resort Na La Ri has got some Khasi word and I am not so sure about the meaning

My husband requested him to give us a cottage for a day and after negotiating for some time he gave us the cottage till evening which charged Rs1200. So be polite whenever you are visiting any resort in Meghalaya the people love to deal with polite customers, you may get some extra brownie points for that! They provide tents and extra mattresses in case you want to accommodate two people in a cottage. There are two large cottages for six people.

For the charges and room booking it’s better you contact them over the phone which I shall provide at the end of the article. They are also constructing a swimming pool with more construction techniques which would let the guests spend a lovely time. 

They also provide a local tour guide who will take you for a walk around the village and to a nearby waterfall. For that, you need to do a little jungle trek which I am sure you are going to like a lot. The guide took a small amount of Rs 150 as his charge and an entry fee of Rs 30 or Rs 50, I don’t remember properly, as we paid for everything along with the total bill. The lunch was good, they serve almost everything from local cuisines to Indian. We had chicken, pork and fish fry. The quality of the food is also good. It may take some time to prepare the food so I would like to suggest to give them the order immediately once you reach the place. It is a beautiful place to spend a day or two with your family and friends. 

Contact Details-

A. Lynddok

Ph no-  8787624045/ 8787627659


Lawbyrwa Village

Ri-Bhoi District

Meghalaya- 793104


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#meghalaya #nalari #shillong #northeast #weekendtrip
The lovely cottages


#meghalaya #nalari #shillong #northeast #weekendtrip
The cottage we booked for a day (until evening).

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#meghalaya #nalari #shillong #northeast #weekendtrip
Food we had


#meghalaya #nalari #shillong #northeast #weekendtrip
The waterfalls and the bamboo bridge on the way
#meghalaya #nalari #shillong #northeast #weekendtrip
Village scenes

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