I was in my Eight standard when I had tasted Momos for the first time and from there it all started. It’s that one particular food I can never part with, I need my plate full of Momo wherever go. And over the years I have realised that Momo tastes best when you eat them on a higher altitude. So this post is dedicated to my love for Momos. There is nothing beatable to the roadside Momos of Guwahati or humble plate of Momo from the famous “Momo Ghar” of Guwahati , Assam. I love going to the mountains and there one thing that I can’t live without is my hot plate of Momo served with a bowl of clear soup. Here I lay down some of the best Momos I had while I was vacationing in Darjeeling, in the higher altitude of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and in Bhutan when we were travelling to Dooars.

The Darjeeling Chapter

It was September 27th, 2015 and I and my husband I were so hungry by the time we reached Darjeeling, so we looked for a proper restaurant where we can eat some good food. We found a Tibetan restaurant and the boy serving us food was very gentle, he was originally from Tibet and now working in Darjeeling. We had some lunch and asked him where to get good Momos in Darjeeling. He told us almost everywhere you get the same kind of Momo, he didn’t understood our question may be because nobody has ever asked him something like that earlier. Next day we had our local sightseeing on our itinerary, the guy taking us around was a young chap, on being asked he took us to a stall near the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Museum to a small hotel run by a lady and her daughter and there we had our plate full of Momos and Thukpa accompanied by some awesome Darjeeling tea. The lady has been running the restaurant since ten years which was more of a living room of the house turned into what looked like a restaurant. The memories we brought from Darjeeling are the excitement and simplicity in their eyes when we praised that the food was excellent.

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Y-Junction enroute Bumla Pass, Tawang

The specialty about the Momos we ate at the Y-Junction Canteen on our way to Bumla Pass in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh was that it was cooked by the brave soldiers on the borders who guards our nation as we sleep comfortably in our cozy homes. Even in that cold weather with a queue of people from different corners of the country stood in front of them and asking for Momos and other food stuffs and they were even then service us with a smile. Eating Momos for me at that higher altitude in that cold region was sheer bliss, everything seemed to add to the taste of the Momo making it palatable. 

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The Village near India Bhutan Border in Bindu, North Bengal 

Last year when we went on a road trip to Dooars from Guwahati, I never knew I could taste such delicious Momos in one of the village in a place called Bindu which lies on the Border between India and Bhutan. Read the post HERE. The famous Bindu Barrage is located and nearby there are lots of stalls almost each stall sells Momo. We selected a stall which had a beautiful view and there was this Nepali lady with a baby in her lap as her husband was busy meeting up to the orders placed by some customers. We ordered one plate pork Momo and one chicken Momo. The The river flowing near the stall as we munched on the Momos, the distant mountains of Bhutan as we saw it from where we sat, the entire setting was simply perfect to spend a lazy afternoon. We didn’t have any lunch just ordered another two plates of Momo. 

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So that was all my stories associated with various Momo encounters on some of the regions located at a higher altitude and how I fondly remember all the beautiful time I spent relishing on some very delicious Momos ever. 


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    This post reminded me of my daughter’s love for momos. Good collection!

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      Thanks for reading, I am glad to know your daughter likes momo 🙂

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