Since my school day I had never been a morning person, my father always used to scold me for being a late riser. I was never late for my school yet I reached at the eleventh hour which was kind of exhausting. I never changed and this habit continued till my university days. It was so difficult for me to wake up early morning, have my breakfast and then go for classes. But once I wake up there is one thing that I can never stay away from, yes! you are right it’s B-R-E-A-K-F-A-S-T. Well, yes I need my food to charge me up. It’s something that I cannot begin my day with. 

Just last weekend as I was travelling to Manas National Park for the Manas Spring Festival and guess what I was travelling with none other than Kalyan Karmakar sir from Finely Chopped and we were discussing about food and about Assam my state when that “It’s time to have breakfast” kind of feeling cropped up in my mind and I insisted sir to halt at a roadside highway Dhaba and have some breakfast. So we stopped at a dhaba and has some freshly made chappati (Roti) and Dal tarka with scrabbled eggs. I never thought I would ever get a chance to have breakfast with such Kalyan sir. And as Sir mentioned in his Instagram feed- true to his words I indeed a person who can never work with an empty stomach.

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Breakfast with Kalyan sir
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Rice cakes for breakfast

Interesting Breakfast Recipe – Moong Dal Chila

The Green Moong Dal (lentils) Chilas are one of my favorite items in the breakfast menu card. They are easy to make, very healthy, and most importantly they keep your hunger at bay for quite a long time. Knowing my late rising habit my sister suggested my this recipe which she quite often makes for her son. Sometimes she even packs it for his school tiffin. So you can also prepare that as a breakfast for your kids as it is quite easy to make and takes less time. So let’s begin.

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All you need is Green moong dal, Onions, Green Chilies, half tea spoon ginger paste, salt to taste and refined oil or you can use Olive oil.


Soak it overnight. Change the water in the morning, wash it properly and keep aside. Chop onions, green chilies, ginger garlic paste. Grind the soaked green moong dal in a blender. Grind it neither coarsely nor too smooth, keep it in between just like the consistency of a pan cake batter. Add some water if yo need. Add the chopped onions, green chilies, ginger paste and salt to taste. Take a non-stick frying fan, heat some oil just a little bit of oil. Pour a ladle full of the batter, spread it around, turn it over and your chilas are ready. It’s the simple technique by which you make pan cakes, actually much easier than that. Serve it with mustard sauce or tomato ketchup. Enjoy your breakfast!!

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    I didn’t think this would come together like a batter enough to fry without some sort of flour. Just thinking of the ingredients and it sounds like it would make a nice spicy fritter but I am thinking that it wouldn’t do well without flour. Do enlighten me please. I am so curious now, lol.

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      Yes absolutely, you can fry like fritters we often do that too. Thanks for sharing your tip!

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    Kyla Matton Osborne says:

    It looks like you had a lovely time! The rice cakes and the chappati look lovely. Reading through the ingredients, I was struck with hunger myself!

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      Thanks a lot for reading!

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    Wow, what an experience, a delicious one at that! Only 5 ingredients, I’m SOLD!! I love experiencing food of different cultures- this is a must try! Thanks for posting!

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      Yes do try it. Its healthy too.

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    Only 5 ingredients?! This looks so warm and comforting also. I have to try this for sure on the kids, let’s see if they go for it!

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      I am sure the kids will like it. Do try!

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