The jungle is the most captivating and wonderful treasure houses of nature. It’s is indeed exciting to sight wild animals, a peek a boo into their lives, explore the exotic nature at its best. But as it is said that we should never violate the laws of the Jungle. There are certain rules that we need to keep in mind when we are entering the animal world.

There are certain do’s and don’ts that you should never violate when you are going for a jungle safari. For a jeep safari basic safety rules and guidelines should be strictly followed. It does not take time to turn an adventure into a fatal disaster. Here are certain basic points that you need to remember and which will ensure you a fabulous ride while enjoying the enthralling flora and fauna when going for a jungle safari- 


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Jungle Safari- Points to remember #A2ZChallenge

      1  Pre-booking your accommodation

When you are entering a reserve keep that in mind that you need to pre-book your accommodation. Don’t plan to set up a tent anywhere in the middle of the jungle as that might not be safe. You cannot wander here and there and to avoid last minute rush it’s better to go to a pre-booked hotel or resort. In certain National Parks in India, for example, the Manas National Park there are a fewer number of resorts inside the forest reserve as most of the time during the weekends it’s difficult to avail a room in case you are not prepared. 

     2. Pre- Booking your Safari (Jeep safari )

Most of the National Parks and sanctuaries in India have the facility of a jeep safari or an elephant safari to enter the jungle and sometimes due to a huge rush of tourists it’s difficult to manage a safari at the last moment. If you are pre-booking your accommodation tell them to arrange a safari for you. That will save your time from standing in the queue. Most of the reserves have lesser number of safaris per day as too much of jeep entries inside the jungle may disturb the wildlife, thus it makes the chances for you to avail a safari low in case you are not prepared for it.

    3. Talk slowly and avoid using flash while doing photography

Keep your voice low as it may the disturb the animals and you may miss a chance to spot them. They are not used to human sounds and that they get scared. It’s their home and like we don’t anyone disturbing us in our home the animals to want them. Avoid using the camera flash as that might scare them away and create discomfort. 

    4. Carry a raincoat

Last week I was at Manas National Park and while we were gearing up for the safari it started raining cats and dogs. Some of my friends had a raincoat so it saved them from getting wet on both the sides of the jeep was open so that we could sight the animals. Well, it’s during our journeys and experiences that we learn many things.

    5. Avoid monsoons for maximum spotting of animals

Due to excess heat animals have a tendency to come out of the jungles and lurk around near water holes, or water bodies to cool themselves, that is the time when maximum spotting of animals can be done. If it rains then you won’t be able to have maximum sighting as most of the animals seek shelter inside the thick forest to keep themselves dry. Jungle safari is best during the dry season and many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks remain closed during heavy monsoons. 

   6. Do not get off your jeep

While you are in between the forests don’t get off the jeep as it might be dangerous. Remember that in a jungle you are always being watched. So keep a control in all your activities. Do not wander about in an unknown territory. There are many instances of man vs wild where the former had to fall prey in the hands of the later. You should maintain basic safety while going for a jungle safari. 

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Some other points to remember while going for a jungle safari- 

  • Do not wear bright color clothes especially red.
  • Do not smoke a cigarette.
  • If you spot an animal let it pass, maintain a distance if you can.
  • Carry your camera in a waterproof bag as the weather changes without slightest warning in a jungle.
  • Carry light and comfortable clothes
  • Do not litter the forest area as the animals are there. Avoid throwing plastics bags here and there.
  • Also, I would like to request you to avoid elephant safari. They don’t deserve to be exploited for your fun and adventure. We can do our bit by saying a “No” to any kind of elephant safari. 

That was all for today. We should make sure to maintain the privacy of the wildlife as well as their conservation.


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