We all love travelling and holidaying with our families, as the famous lines say “The more the merrier”. It all adds to the fun and excitement and makes our journey more memorable. Truth be told, holidays act as an escape from the mundane. So, people try their best to make their holidays memorable.

For instance, some travel enthusiasts are so much into the concept of making holidays unforgettable that they even invest in timeshare properties (Timeshare qualifies individuals to purchase the use of a holiday home for the same week or weeks every year), so that they can visit the same destination over and over again without any headaches of booking hotels. Yet others, who dislike visiting the same destination year after year or do not want to go into the hassle of timeshare properties (that might later require them to consider the help of timeshare exit companies to sort out any issues regarding the property), make reservations for vacation homes.

That said, irrespective of which kind of accommodation one opts for, the common thing is that individuals do everything in their capacity to enjoy their holidays and vacations. But while enjoying, individuals should always keep one thing in mind– each and every member of the family should get involved and take part in each and every activity and plan. So today, I have listed down five such holiday activities that your whole family can enjoy together and make a memory for a lifetime, irrespective of where you are staying or how you are traveling to the destination.

Holiday activities for your whole family to enjoy

1. Sea Bed Walking

When I was in Havelock Islands in Andamans I met a family who came for their vacation. We were all gearing up for the very famous Sea-Bed walking activity. The family had a couple, their children and parents. The parents were within 70 years of age. We got introduced since they were too Bengali like us and we Bengalis are expert in forming a bong-connection anywhere and everywhere. I really liked how they all enjoyed doing the sea-bed walking. I think it’s wonderful activity which each and every member of the family can participate and enjoy their holiday.

2. Boating or Cruising

That’s another activity where you can enjoy with your whole family. I have also seen how families who holiday together book a whole boat so that the entire family can enjoy the ride together. You can carry food, share the thrill, talk, laugh, and spend a wonderful time. This January I went to Dawki in Meghalaya with my family and we enjoyed a boat ride across the beautiful Umngot River, you can trust in me how fun it was. If this makes you want to do more boat trips for future holidays, you may want to think about bringing the holiday fun home and getting your own boat, meaning you won’t need to just wait for your holiday to enjoy yourself on the water. There are some pathfinder boats for sale in Florida that you can check out, or you might want to see what is available for you locally.

3. Visit to a zoo

We all love wildlife and if on a vacation with kids than what else can be more enjoyable than visiting the nearby zoo. It’s fun and exciting. Your kids are going to love it. Keep the zoo in your list if the place you are travelling to has one. Though I don’t support the concept of zoo where animals are like kept closed within cages but still I feel they are in safer hands rather falling prey to nasty poachers.

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Deers grazing at Guwahati Zoo

4. A cycling tour

We all love cycling, it’s another interesting activity which your family can enjoy together. It will also be one kind of adventure and exercise. The best part is that your kids will really enjoy the cycle tour with you. Make sure to wear the required gears for cycling.

5. Wildlife Safaris

This is one of the top holiday activities for families who love adventure and the wildlife. You can enjoy the beauty of the nature, the wildlife and a wildlife safari is a great thing to cherish forever. You can go for elephant safari or jeep safari but the time you will enjoy is incomparable to any happiness in the world. There are National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in almost every Indian State and abroad and these are also popular holiday destinations with family. You can choose a resort inside the reserve if any and spend the time there. There are lots of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries with such kind of accommodation for visitors within the forest area.

6. Elephant or Camel Safaris

This is yet another exciting activity where the whole family can participate. From the moment we mount the elephant or a camel till we come down is filled with fun and adventure. Elephant safaris are very common in National Parks or wildlife sanctuaries also in Kerela it is a popular activity where the whole family participates. Whereas camel safaris are more common in Rajasthan.

7. Water Parks

There is nothing more fun than treating your kids to a day at the water park. They are action packed day-outs that they won’t forget, just remember to pack your swimming costume! If you’re not sure where to find the best water park, this guide to the best indoor water parks in the USA could be a good starting off point.

These are some of the activities all your family members can participate irrespective of their age. we should always choose those activities that are feasible for everyone. No one should feel left out of the group, it spoils the fun of the vacation. That was all for today.


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