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covid-19 vaccine + personal experience + covid 19 vaccine symptons #covid19vaccine #covid19vaccinesymptons #covid19vaccinesideeffects

What happened after I took the Covid-19 Vaccine- My personal experience

It was exactly last year in the month of March when the whole world was jeopardized by this new deadly virus named Coronavirus (Covid-19). Until today the whole world has been weeping at the number of deaths it has caused. This pandemic has left no stone unturned to shake the global health and economy. In …

#DURGAPUJAWITHCOVID19SAFETYPROTOCOLS #durgapuja2020 +durga puja with covod19safety protocols +durga puja amidst pandemic

How we can celebrate Durga Puja maintaining Covid-19 safety protocols

Durga puja is definitely going to be different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is no wonder it is going to be a lot different this year for you, me, and everybody. There was no retail shopping, no Durga Puja pandal collections, and there won’t be any pandal hopping this year. Durga Puja …

#selfcare #quarantine #motivation

20 ways for self-care and motivation during this Quarantine period

We all by now have realised how badly we are hit by the Corona Virus. It’s not just one country or two but the whole world is now in its clutches. It has taken away our freedom, mental health and turned our world upside down. Before this quarantine, we had made so many plans least …

#saveourplanet #environmentallyfriendly #notoplastics

How to make our planet more environmentally friendly ?

Today is World Environment Day 5th June, a day which comes every year, a day we make a lot of promises and resolutions. But let us think for a while whether we are being true to ourselves? Are we keeping our promises that we have made to save our planet? Are we playing our part …

#yogurtfacemask #antitan #remedies #diy #tan #removal

Yogurt for Tan Removal after your beach holidays

For our Indian climate, homemade remedies can work wonders for your skin. Want to know how? Take a read below.┬áLet’s begin with Yogurt. Not only is it everyone’s favorite to eat, but also, it has many other benefits. Especially for our skin, it has got many natural properties which can help you fight wrinkles, reduce …