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How to make our planet more environmentally friendly ?

Today is World Environment Day 5th June, a day which comes every year, a day we make a lot of promises and resolutions. But let us think for a while whether we are being true to ourselves? Are we keeping our promises that we have made to save our planet? Are we playing our part with honesty and truth? We all know 5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day because on this day The United Nations started this programme to encourage awareness and for the protection of our environment. Well, these are food for thought.

But the present moment demands a lot from us, it is our only planet, we have our responsibilities towards it. We need to save it for us and for our future generations to come. We should not only train ourselves but also teach our children to take the initiative and educate them about our environment. Being a teacher it is my duty to tell my students how they can make the environment-friendly and save it from any kind of hazards. Here are some ideas to get started:-

How to make our planet more environmentally


  1. Say No to Plastics

This is the current need of the moment. Plastics are the most dangerous and can create environmental hazards beyond any level. The excessive use of plastic or polythene bags is a matter of serious concern. They are non- biodegradable and non-porous, they are harmful to our soil and as such soil lose its fertility due to too much dumping off plastics. They can be the reason behind artificial floods by causing drain blockage.

Petroleum is the main source from which plastic or polyethene bags are manufactured. Harmful toxins are released during the manufacture of plastic bags. We need to stop using plastic bags in our day to day life. Recycle bags made of jute, cotton, canvas, etc can be used while shopping or any other purpose. Don’t ask for a plastic bag if you can do without one, carry your own bag always. Even the plastics in which processed foods are packed are equally dangerous. It remains on our plant for centuries as they as we may cease to exist one day but a plastic bag may not.

2. Plant more trees

This is one thing that we do almost every year especially on 5th June but why keep planting trees limited to just one day? Let us plant a tree every day, to make our planet greener, purer and environment-friendly. Recently the whole India was starstruck when internet thronged with wedding images of Milind Soman, a popular model of India and the Man who is famous for running Marathons and Ankita Konwar who planted a tree for every guest who attended the wedding (Read HERE ). Isn’t it really inspiring?

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Let us take a pledge to plant a tree every day, let us not keep it limited for a single day when we have 365 days in our hand. In another way, we will be contributing our part towards protecting our nature. Not only just plant a tree and leave it at its own faith but looking after it and watering it should also be a part of that contribution.

3. Encouraging reduce, reuse, recycle, repair

Generally, when it comes to recycle and reuse there are only a few things that come to our mind say for example plastic bottles, plastic bags, aluminium cans, vegetable peels. But I am sure there are lot more things that we can recycle and reuse. We can recycle books and donate them to school libraries or common community libraries and centres that can be borrowed and read by others. And if these things cannot be used at all, you could make use of a skip bin hire sydney or anywhere near your home to come and collect the garbage.

How about recycling 92% of the entire waste collected from our locality? Amazing, isn’t it? Several waste management businesses, with the help of skip bins, roll-on roll-off bins, etc., tend to collect and recycle the maximum amount of waste generated by our locality. It can be a great initiative as it can contribute towards a cleaner environment. Besides this, we can take the DIY route as well. For example, we all know vegetable peels can be decomposed and used as organic manure, or maybe use old magazines and calendars to make DIY crafts.

Speaking of DIY, repairing items is a skill that is slowly becoming less popular with the current generations. Lots of phones, apple watches, tablets and other electronics are entering landfills or clogging up recycling centers once they’re broken. However, if you can find the best apple watch repair parts and use a little knowhow you can easily fix a device so that it’s working again. The same can be said of broken furniture, torn books, worn clothes, and more. If you can repair it then you can save it, you can reuse it.

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Pinterest is full of DIY ideas where we can use recyclable materials to make something productive and useful for our homes and offices. Seventeen trees can be saved by recycling one ton of paper. Have we ever thought about it? We can make holders, rugs, doormats with old clothes, etc. It’s up to us how we can use our creativity, imagination and knowledge to recycle and reuse to avoid wastage of things.

4. Reduced use of chemicals

Fertilizers used in agriculture and farming are presently harming the fertility of the soil and also producing vegetable and fruits loaded with toxins. For a sustainable environment, farmers must stick to a sustainable means of farming like the use of organic manure, using less water and producing energy from renewable sources like solar, wind or hydropower. There is also no need for pesticides when you can visit somewhere like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/texas/georgetown/ to have a pest control expert remove the nests and burrows of pests instead of killing them with chemicals. The harmful waste produced from the chemicals can pollute land, water and air. Many areas near cultivating lands are suffering from chronic diseases and other health hazards only because of that, so it is necessary to reduce their usage where possible.

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5. Campaigns and educational programmes

One thing that we lack in common masses is lack of awareness. Although our government and various other organisation are trying to reach the common man yet there is a gap and the message is not properly delivered. According to latest trends, social media is the best platform to create campaign and awareness to promote consciousness about our environment.

Educational programmes can be conducted in schools and colleges to create environment awareness amongst students as the safety of our planet rests in their hands as there is our future. Little actions when multiplied by millions of people can transform the whole world.

6. Minimise use of fuel

We use fossil fuels for our day to day activities like coal, wood, natural, gas and Petroleum and derivatives from these like Petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG, etc but that day is not far from now when we are going to completely exhaust the stock of these fossil fuels. It takes millions and millions of years to produce fossil fuel but few minutes of combustion to destroy. A lesser use of fuel can save a lot for our own future use.

This excessive combustion has also alarmingly risen the carbon dioxide level and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. There are many ways how we can reduce the use of fuels in everyday life like taking public transport to work, riding a bicycle, using induction gas tops for cooking or electric cookers, turning off our car airconditioning, driving cars with more mileage and less fuel consumption and keeping a check on our habits.

We want Human Change, not Climate Change. This is the present need of our world. I think we need this change in human action to save our planet from destruction. we are destroying this beautiful world by our own actions. To have a sustainable environment we need to improve our habits. We can live a healthy life only in a clean environment. We all know what are our duties towards our planet let us stick to it.

Thanks for reading and wish you all a very HAPPY WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY.

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