This is absolutely a new thing that I am doing, that is an E-book review. I think I should do these reviews more often being an avid reader of books.  I have been following Novemberschild (Romila) for quite some time in Twitter and this is how the opportunity came to do her E-book review– “Midnight Musings”. The book is a collection of her wonderfully penned down “haikus”.

Well, What are haikus? Haikus are short Japanese poems, in three lines of five, seven, and five, that evokes images related to the natural world. The poetess has played with numerous images that can be related to our daily life, emotions that touch us, feelings that pass by in our life. Japanese Haiku are short poems but each and every line and word has meanings which are as deep as our life itself.

From giving answers to the various questions of our life, the Haiku’s tells us a tale of a lonely heart. The wind which is undecided, uncontrolled, that has its own path. The Haiku touches the sentimental topics such as love, envy, greed, and points out the meaning behind it. What is love? What is envy? What is greed? She answers the questions through the Haikus. She glorifies Nature, Mom and Pretty which has deeper connections with being a Woman. I enjoyed reading and re-reading each of the poems. The Haiku ‘Vagina’ speaks boldly about being a woman and cherishing motherhood and I am quite appreciative of the fact that she named the haiku ‘Vagina’. 

Overall all the Haikus are lovely to read, they are relatable to our everyday emotions and feelings. The book concentrates on various aspects of our mundane life. The shift from the traditional way of writing poetry to Haiku makes it all the more interesting and keeps us hold on till the end. You will love to read the Haikus.


A brief interview I had with the poetess who loves to be addressed as Novemberschild

Here are some questions that I asked Novemberschild to let a window into her likeness for Haiku rather than the traditional form of poetry. I am sure even you must be curious why she chose Haiku. Well her answers are here for you.

1. Since when are you writing poems? Was it a hobby turned into a passion?

I have been writing poems for a long time but never got any of them published anywhere not even in my blog. I started tweeting them 3 years back and that is when I got the idea of bringing out a book on the same. Writing has been a hobby and now it is my passion turned profession. 

2. Why did you choose Haiku over traditional form of poetry writing?

This is my 2nd poetry attempt. My first book was on Micro poetry – Inspired by Twitter’s 140 character format. I have been a huge fan of the Japanese form of poetries and I wanted to try my hand at Haiku. It took me 6-8months of learning and studying this form of poetry. Haiku is short and has the fixed form of 5-7-5 Japanese syllables.
This makes haiku more accessible. Longer and freestyle poems are difficult to read. I am not Japanese but still, I tried this form and won hearts of my readers. I am happy to think that haiku, which was once labelled as second-class literature, is now recognized as first-class literature. The shortness of haiku and the descriptiveness of haiku have become global. Anyone can write a short poem called haiku, and anyone can read and appreciate its world. I strongly believe that haiku can serve as a bridge to cross-cultural differences. We should all write and appreciate haiku to achieve mutual understanding among ourselves and bring peace to this beautiful planet. 

3.Which Haiku is your favourite of all and why?

Of all the 26 Haiku’s written by me, my favourite one is
D for different:
To say I love you
And to actually mean it
Are different things
For me personally,  “I love you” means that I don’t take you for granted. That I see the effort you put into our lives together. That I’m happy that we chose to be together. Hence I could use this opinion of mine in the haiku well. 

You can grab a copy of her e-book here in this link

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