There are many names attributed to Haflong when it comes to its natural beauty and the fact that it is the only Hill Station in Assam. Haflong is often called Scotland of Assam or Switzerland of Assam due to its pristine beauty, ethnic culture, and heritage; majestic hills, lush evergreen forests, and numerous small rivulets and waterfalls. This Haflong travel guide will help you to plan your trip to this beautiful hill station. A minimum of a two-day visit will be enough to explore the best places in Haflong. 

A brief introduction about Haflong

Located at an elevation of 680 m above sea level, and situated in the lap of the Barail Mountain Range, Haflong is the main town and district headquarters of the Dima Hasao District in Assam. The Barail Range is also the highest Hill range in Assam. Formerly Haflong belonged to the North Cachar Hills District in Assam.

Dima Hasao is one of the least populous districts in Assam and if we go back in history Dima Hasao belonged to the Dimasa Kingdom during the medieval period with its capital in Maibang and Dimapur. Dimapur is now in Nagaland; thus, you will find a lot of Dimasa Kachari tribespeople and even Dimasa ruins in Dimapur.

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Murals of various weaves of the tribes of Haflong. as seen painted on the streets

Haflong is also Assam’s only Hill Station and for the iconic Hill Line train journey, crossing Haflong rail junction, many people prefer to book a train ticket from Guwahati to Badarpur Junction just to enjoy the greenery of the North Cachar Hills.

With the majority of the tribal population belonging to the Dimasa Kachari tribe, Haflong is also home to many other tribes like the Kuki, Hmar, Karbi, Khasi, Zeme Naga, Biate, Hrangkhol and many more.

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How to reach Haflong

You can reach Haflong by cab or bus and train. The on-road distance from Guwahati to Haflong is approximately 330kms which will take around 8 hours and by bus, it takes generally 10 hours. Haflong Junction is also one of the important railway junctions in Assam connecting many important stations and trains. You can book your train tickets via irctc website.

But with my many personal experiences and numerous journeys to Karimganj and Silchar since childhood, I can bet that no one journey will be as special and memorable as a train journey across the NC Hills. The best and the most highly recommended way is to book a train ticket.

Vistadome Special Tourist train to enjoy the beauty of North Cachar Hills and visit Haflong

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
Inside the Vistadome tourist special coach

The Northeast Frontier Railway has introduced new Vistadome coaches for its passengers to enjoy the beautiful train journey across the North Cachar Hills. You need to book GHY NHLG TOURIST 15888 which runs from Guwahati to Badarpur junction.



The train departs at 6.45 am with just two stoppages one in Maibang and the next in Haflong. It reaches Haflong at 10:45 am and Badarpur at 2:35 pm.

This train runs every day but the Special Tourist coaches are available only on Saturday and Wednesday. From Guwahati to Badarpur there are a total of 5 stoppages on some of the important Railway Stations.


The comfortable reclining and rotating seats, transparent glasses on the top, big-sized windows, a special pantry, and also a special small chamber at the end of the train to get the best view of the hills and rivers.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
The beautiful Haflong Railway Station

The tourist special coach is set at the end of the train (the last coach) so passengers can enjoy a 160-degree view of the journey. I shall write in full detail about this special train journey to Haflong in another blog post.

My journey  to Haflong and some childhood memories

It was last year in February when I visited Haflong. It was a quick weekend trip, we didn’t have much time in hand so we decided to make the best use of the weekend. Since my paternal home is in the Karimganj district of Assam, I used to visit there twice almost every year.

We used to stay in Dibrugarh which is in Upper Assam and at that time there was no Broad Gauge Rail service in the NC Hills and Barak Valley part of Assam.

So we used to board the train at Dibrugarh (It was mostly the Kamrup Express) and then at Lumding Station, we had to board another train that was a Meter Gauge. That journey across places like Haflong, Maibong, Maigrengdisa etc was the most spectacular one.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism

I had never seen those bluish waters in the streams flowing, the green mountains, flowers blooming everywhere and the clearest skies as the train kept moving unfolding the beautiful scenery in front of us.

As kids, we used to get thrilled by the tunnels since it was a hill line and some rail bridges were so old that I remember someone saying “These bridges belonged to the British Era”.

Some of the bridges were so long that when it took a turn we could see the whole train on a bridge and that sight was something I cherish till now. I didn’t have a camera at that time to capture the visual but it will remain stored in my memory and my eyes forever.

I and my sister used to sit and write down on small notepads the names of the stations and the total number of tunnels that we crossed by.

But nowadays everything has changed with modernisation, the upgradation of the rail lines and the construction of new rail bridges and infrastructure I felt much of those sceneries is lost. The mountains are reduced to create new rail tracks, I am sure many trees are also cut down and the number of tunnels was also reduced.

But I think change in infrastructure, improvement in communication system, creation of new bridges, roads, etc has now become an integral part of development and progress.

Places to stay in Haflong

There are not many options for staying in Haflong as the place is still evolving as a tourist place in Assam. With the improvement in train connectivity, many things have changed over the past few years. We stayed in The Landmark Hotel. It is quite a humble place to stay, with great food and ambience. It is located in Member’s Council Hostel Road Haflong.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
The Landmark Hotel where we stayed

Just a walkable distance from the main road where you can get autos for communication. There are other hotels like the Nothao Lodge. There are many other hotels and some homestay options too but since I don’t have any exact review I am not mentioning other names.

The best time to visit Haflong is from October to March when the temperature ranges between 10 to 23 degrees. Avoid the monsoon seasons from July to September as there may be heavy rainfall and even landslides. The summer months can be really hot and humid. We visited by the end of February and the weather was simply perfect. 

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The lovely lawn where we had our breakfast the next day

Best Places to Visit in Haflong

Now let’s come to the main part where I shall list all the best places you can visit in Haflong in this Haflong Travel guide. You can either book a cab/taxi for a whole day tour of Haflong, it will let you visit all the important places. And you can also book an auto for the same.

Please don’t forget to bargain the charges, they will ask you an abrupt amount. On day 1 our cab picked us up from the station, then we checked in at the hotel and then we went sightseeing which ended in the evening.

For this whole period, he charged us 3000 INR. On day 2 we booked an auto and he showed us some more places and then dropped us at the railway station at 2.30 pm as we had to board the Kanchenjunga Express to Guwahati. 

The Haflong Railway station is also quite a scenic one, you can spend some time there sipping tea and enjoying the beautiful hills surrounding the railway station and also get some candid pictures. It’s also a great Instagram-worthy spot as I felt. 

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Boro Haflong View Point

Some 12 km away from the main Haflong town, you can visit the Boro Haflong View Point. It’s a tall building and from the terrace, you can enjoy the beauty of the Barail range. On a clear day, the whole range is visible and with the clear blue sky at the backdrop, it seems like a painting with the brightest of colours of nature.

There is also a restaurant on the ground floor of the building if you want you can eat some food or have a cup of coffee and enjoy the scenery. 

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The Haflong Lake

Located at the centre of Haflong, it is the largest natural water body providing activities like boating, angling and bird watching. The place is visited by many migratory birds during winter. You can have a splendid time in the evening with your family or take a stroll around. 

Jatinga Bird Watching Centre.

From there, we went to the Jatinga Bird Watching Centre. Jatinga remains a place of immense interest for ornithologists, scientists and also tourists from all over the world. There is a mystery behind Jatinga related to the mass suicide of birds ranging from both local birds to even migratory birds.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism

This is a mystery which hasn’t been solved yet even by experts from all over the world. No one could come up with a perfect answer to it. There are many stories associated with this tragic event but not one can you claim is true. The event generally takes place from September to November and in a place where mountains surround it but no one knows the exact location.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism

But I never met any eyewitnesses or never saw any videos of this mass suicide of birds. The history behind this mass suicide of Birds goes back to the time when the place was dominated by the Nagas in 1900.

When they saw this mass suicide they fled thinking the place was cursed. But later the Jaintias settled down and are still residing in Jatinga. They considered it among the many blessings or mysteries of Mother Nature.

Many definitions behind this event have come up. Some say some evil force or spirit is working behind them, some say it is a curse, and some scientists believe that due to foggy weather and winds the birds lose their direction and collide with the mountains.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
View from the Jatinga Bird Watching View Point

I am sure in the coming days many more theories are going to untangle this mysterious phenomenon. According to a famous Ornithologist from Assam Anwaruddin Choudhury, the birds dying are mostly juvenile. 

From the watch tower/viewpoint, we could handle spot any bird, there were a couple of kingfishers and lots of sparrows. So don’t expect there will be flocks of birds awaiting your arrival. However, during the winter months, you may spot some migratory birds.

There was nothing much to see, just mountains and pretty bougainvillaea blooming to add to the charm. There is also a restaurant but when we visited it was closed. 

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Haflong Ethnic Village

From Jatinga we visited the Haflong Ethnic Village. It is a well-maintained park around a picturesque setting with small cottages belonging to different tribes of Halong. The place is an ideal spot for picnics and for spending some leisure time with family.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
Traditional Dance Court
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
Ethnic Village

In front of each cottage, there are installations of statues/models of Men depicting the particular tribe. The park is open till 5 pm in summer and 4 pm in winter and it opens at around 8 am.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism

A traditional Dance Court is constructed just at the entrance, the kind of one where traditional functions or events of the various tribal groups take place in Haflong. There are Khelma Cottage, Vaiphei Cottage, Biate Cottage, Hrangkhol Cottage, Semkhor Cottage, Rongmei Naga Cottage, Dimasa Cottage, Dekichange Cottage, all of these resembling some prominent indigenous tribes of Haflong. 

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
Inside view of the Dance Court
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
Traditional Huts and Models of Men from various tribes

Presbyterian Church of India, Fiangpui Haflong

We asked our driver to take us to a church as there are many churches in Haflong and we wanted to visit one. So he took us to one of the oldest churches in Haflong, The Presbyterian Church of India at Fiangpui in Haflong which was established in the year 1966. But unfortunately, the church was closed so we could just have a look from the outside. 

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The Haflong Circuit House

Although the Circuit House is a very important place in the district and is mostly restricted for outsiders due to its picturesque location and lovely view of the Barail Range and the iconic rail bridge at a distance, the Haflong Circuit House is now counted among the major tourist spots.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
The Circuit House, Haflong

There are benches where you can enjoy the sunset and breathe fresh air and also take some lovely photographs. I also list this place as an Instagram-worthy spot in Haflong.

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
Scenic view from the Circuit House campus

If you are lucky and have good contacts with higher government officials you may also book a stay here. But this place is closed to the normal public. This is probably the most scenic circuit house I have ever seen.

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It was almost evening hour, so we asked our driver to take us to a place where we could eat some local cuisine. He took us to a small outlet run by women and they served us delicious food very similar to our homecooked food. We ate at our heart’s content. It was almost evening by then so we decided to take an evening stroll around the newly constructed Council Gate.

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The Haflong Council Gate

The Council Gate of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC), Haflong is also a sight to behold. Although newly constructed it has a traditional architectural design. You may visit there for a walk. It is a heavily guarded area so it’s better to be on your best behaviour. It was almost night when we left and the rest of the time we chilled and relaxed in our hotel.
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism

#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism

Places we visited on Day 2 at Haflong

We woke up early morning to the loud chirpings of the birds since there were a large number of trees surrounding the hotel. At the backside of the hotel, there is the Lake and also a park presenting the best of nature around us.
We had breakfast which was complimentary on the lovely hotel lawn and then got dressed for the remaining day and journey back home. We packed our luggage checked out and asked the hotel staff to keep it somewhere, we would grab them on the way back when we headed towards the station. They were very helpful and kept the luggage locked in a room. 
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
We talked down to the main road and there was a church just on the opposite road and saw people dressed in beautiful traditional tribal outfits coming out of the Church after the prayer service ended. We kept walking sometimes on the road since it was a Sunday we found the streets deserted.
Every shop and cafe was closed. It was just me and my husband walking like ghosts. But we loved that after all we wanted to keep away from the crowd. 
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
The Lunch we had on our Day 1
But autos were plying at frequent intervals. We hired one and asked him to show us around some offbeat places as we had already visited the major tourist spots in Haflong.
And also asked him to take us around the local market. He agreed at 1200 INR and at the end, we asked him to drop us at the Railway Station, for that he charged extra I couldn’t remember now. 
Haflong Market
Most of the shops were closed. Since it was a Sunday there was a weekend bazaar going on selling mostly vegetables, farming and fishing tools, clothes, home essentials, etc. Most of the clothes shops were closed and whatever was open didn’t interest me as it was all very basic. Only the non-tribal shops were open. You can buy woollen clothes if visiting during Winter as I saw most of the shops had good collections. 
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Sunset hour
View Point
The auto driver took us to another viewpoint. From there you can have a 360-degree viewpoint of Haflong surrounded by mountains. It was a spectacular view. Just nearby there was a Naga Village. We took a walk around and didn’t find anything attractive.
Just had a look around the houses and saw rather people were looking at us with strange eyes. It was almost noon and we had a train to board, so we returned to our hotel and left for the railway station. 
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
The View Point

Sielkal Peak Trek or Tumjang Trek

For adventure lovers, one place that is highly recommended in Haflong is the Sielkal Peak trek also known as Tumjang Trek (about 4000 ft above sea level). This has become popular after some travel reels went viral on social media. The trek is moderate to difficult.
From Haflong you have to reach Mahur the last point till you can buy essential stuff. From there, a steep climb through narrow paths will lead you to Tumjang Village. Just at the gate, there are two routes one taking to the village and another to the peak which is again a steep climb. 


Another beautiful hill station which is located at a distance of around 47 km from Haflong is Maibang. As I had mentioned earlier Maibang was the capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. Maibang is a tourist place located by the bank of the Mahur River.
The unfinished stone house belonging to the 12th century carved out of a single stone is part of many folklore and is one remarkable place in Maibang. This is also called the Ramchandi Temple. This monolithic temple with two roofs is also known as Longthaini Noh or Stone House.
Image Source – Wikipedia 
As the story goes one night a deity appeared in the dream of the Dimasa King and asked him to build a house carved out of a single stone. There he would find a weapon to defeat the Koch army. But on one condition the construction has be be completed within a single night and before dawn.
The king being a pious man started the constructed but it is said before he could finish construction the cock crowed and he had to leave. Thus the stone house remains unfinished till today. 
Maibang also bears a special place as Maibang Higher Secondary School, Govt. of Assam is the place where my mother first joined service as a Subject teacher of Bengali. She worked there for three years and later she took a transfer to Dibrugarh Victoria Girls Higher Secondary School.
It was so many years back when she stayed alone with my newborn elder sister in Maibang and was so under-developed with tribal conflicts going on now and then. Such a brave lady indeed. 
Maibang also has a railway station so you can board your return train from there if the specific train has a halt. Mahur and Maigrendisa are also some nearby tourist places to Haflong. They are scenic with small waterfalls and rivulets and make an ideal destination for picnics or family outings. 
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
Beautiful paintings as seen on the streets of Haflong
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism

Some important travel tips

1. I am uncertain about the road conditions from Guwahati to Haflong. So make sure about that before you take your vehicle. The best method of communication is by train. 
2. Carry some cash as there are not many ATMs and those available are out of cash.
3. Most shops, restaurants, and cafes are closed on Sundays.
4. Avoid talking with strangers.
5. Avoid visiting during monsoon as Haflong gets heavy rainfalls.
6. Bargain with cabs or auto drivers they tend to ask you an exorbitant amount of money. If possible pre-book a cab or ask your hotel to book one for you.
7. It’s a small peaceful and quaint hill town, do respect every culture, tribe, and people present here and do not litter. 


#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism
#haflongtravelguide #haflong #nchills #assam #assamhillstation + Haflong travel guide + assam tourism

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