Hi, friends I am back after a long hiatus. There was a lot going on in my life. I had to complete a lot of unfinished tasks and I was also doing a lot of traveling. I have visited some of the most beautiful places near my home and also in Kolkata, India where I have my second home. Back in July, I had the most memorable all Girls Trip with my gang. Then we did a lot of Kolkata street photography, visited some of the most exciting places that are centuries old. But of all, I had two thrilling adventurous trips to my all, time favorite location Meghalaya. June, 2019 when my husband visited Guwahati, Assam we made sure to make a trip to cherrapunjie despite my hectic schedule. So we visited two most wonderful Waterfalls- the Deinthlen and the Wei Sawdong Waterfalls. Wei Sawdong waterfalls in Cherrapunji in something that I had never seen before. It was love at first sight. Here is all you need to know to know about this Waterfalls.

This three-step waterfall is something that you have never ever experienced in Meghalaya. Well, I believe each and every waterfall in Meghalaya has its own identity and charm. Be it Nohkalikai waterfalls or the Seven sisters waterfalls each has its own beauty and it would be unfair if I compare one with the others.

But Wei Sawdong is something that you don’t get to see just by standing at the road side of which falls on your way. The trek done through a path which is, in fact, no path in true self is enough to give you chills.

How to reach Wei Sawdong Waterfalls

It is very easy to reach the waterfalls. Well, Deinthlen Waterfall is quite popular among visitors these days, so if you have visited Deinthlen then Wei Sawdong is approximately 2km away from there. You have to take a left turn from there and keep on going. The road is narrow but very picturesque, keep going until you reach a signboard showing the location of the waterfalls.

If you haven’t visited Deinthlen then all you need to do is keep going till you reach Sohra Cherrapunji. You will reach a point on the main road where there is a bifurcation. A road goes on the right side which is also the road to reach Sai I Mika Resorts. All you need to do is to keep going. From that point, Wei Sawdong is approximately 6-7 km away. The drive may be a little longer as the road is not in very good condition.

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The lovely view as you trek till the bottom

Things to know about Wei Sawdong Waterfalls

Well after you reach at first you may get confused as you won’t be able to view the waterfalls. It would take a little physical ability to reach the view and a little more to reach the bottom. A trek of say 20 minutes is required to reach the viewpoint. From this viewpoint, a three-layered cascade will take your breath away.

And from there if you want to reach the bottom it would take another 20 minutes to reach. There is absolutely no properly built path, just roughly built stairs all along made of bamboo trees, damp earth and it is just like a forest walk the place is surrounded by tall trees.

Wei Sawdong waterfalls cherrapunjee #cherrapunjee #meghalaya #weisawdong #waterfalls #northeastindia + Wei Sawdong waterfalls + Meghalaya + Cherrapunjee tourist spot
The path along the forest, slippery yet adventurous

Moreover, the stairs are muddy, slippery and in places, there is absolutely nothing just a few bricks upon which you need to walk. Initially, there are boulders that you will have to cross, it will look difficult at the beginning but gradually you will get used to it.

At some point, while you are on your way to reach the bottom there is a bamboo-made stair and it becomes difficult as there is not much place to stand while others are on it. But the trek is worth it for what you get to see.

Wei Sawdong waterfalls cherrapunjee #cherrapunjee #meghalaya #weisawdong #waterfalls #northeastindia + Wei Sawdong waterfalls + Meghalaya + Cherrapunjee tourist spot
The bamboo stairs all along

But I personally felt the place is a bit risky. in case of any mishap or accident, I doubt there is a way out. So after reaching the bottom, I and my husband didn’t wait for too long, we clicked a few pictures and we started climbing back. The upward journey was really challenging as I was not much into trekking these days.

Also, the bad road condition made it more difficult. You can take bamboo sticks with you which may help to a certain extent to give you support while trekking.

Wei Sawdong waterfalls cherrapunjee #cherrapunjee #meghalaya #weisawdong #waterfalls #northeastindia + Wei Sawdong waterfalls + Meghalaya + Cherrapunjee tourist spot

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Some Tips to Keep in Mind while visiting Wei Sawdong Waterfalls

There are certain other things that you must keep in mind before doing the trek. The first important thing is physical ability is required to continue the trek to the bottom, else you can return from the viewpoint which is equally thrilling to reach. Wear a comfortable outfit and if possible trekking shoes. The path is really slippery so you have to be very careful with your shoes.

Carry a bottle of water with you. You can carry some extra clothes because when you reach the bottom, the water will tempt you to take a dip. But there are no changing rooms like the ones you have at the Krangsuri Waterfalls. The  Wei Sawdong waterfalls are quite deep so it’s better not to engage in stunts as there are no lifeguards to save you. Just one or two local village folks were there keeping an eye on the visitors.

Wei Sawdong waterfalls cherrapunjee #cherrapunjee #meghalaya #weisawdong #waterfalls #northeastindia + Wei Sawdong waterfalls + Meghalaya + Cherrapunjee tourist spot
The mesmerizing view from the bottom

Another thing I would like to request everyone is to refrain from littering the place with alcohol bottles, cans, plastic wrappers, chips packets, and plastic water bottles. It is really disheartening to see such beautiful places full of garbage. Be a responsible traveler, keep the place clean, and let everyone enjoy the beauty of the place keeping the environment safe and clean.

Hope you like reading. Let me know in the comment section if have visited the waterfalls or if you are planning to visit. And do like the share buttons. Thanks


Wei Sawdong waterfalls cherrapunjee #cherrapunjee #meghalaya #weisawdong #waterfalls #northeastindia + Wei Sawdong waterfalls + Meghalaya + Cherrapunjee tourist spot

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      Thanks a lot. Hope you have a great time visiting Wei Sawdong waterfalls.

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