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10. Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

We want our morning to begin on a very happy note. A sound mind exists in a sound body. In order to look after our body and health, the most important thing is a healthy breakfast. Here I have come up with an exciting post on quick and healthy breakfast recipes for each one of …

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Paneer Pakoda I Paneer Pakora Recipe

Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Pakora is popularly prepared Indian snacks which are almost everyone’s favourite. When it comes to vegetarian meals, Indian cuisines has such high variety that is unimaginable. All you need for paneer pakora is just a few basic ingredients and each of which is easily available in any Indian kitchen. A cup of …

Interesting Breakfast Recipe – Moong Dal Chila #A2ZChallenge

Since my school day I had never been a morning person, my father always used to scold me for being a late riser. I was never late for my school yet I reached at the eleventh hour which was kind of exhausting. I never changed and this habit continued till my university days. It was …

Terra Maya’s AMALTAS- a new destination for food lovers in Guwahati

Within a span of very short time Guwahati has become the hub of some fine dining places, cool cafes, club/lounge, bakeries, multi-cuisines restaurants. I feel very good about it, being a food lover I am always in search of new places which can offer me something different and interesting on my plate. Some of the …

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