Travel writers and Guest bloggers are welcome to submit your non-commercial posts to be published on my blog. Along with my post, I shall share the guest posts on all my social media handles. Though there is a short set of guidelines you need to follow when submitting the articles. You can submit your articles to my email id- [email protected]

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Guidelines for a Guest post:-


  1. Articles to be submitted should be within 600-700 words. It should be grammatically correct and plagiarism free. 
  2. The language should be easy to read and understand with absolutely no use of bombastic words and difficult phrases. Try to write in simple sentences and keep them short.
  3.  Each article should contain at least 2-3 pictures. In most of my own articles, I use my own clicked photographs though sometimes I am bound to use images from the web. Keep due credits if you are using pictures from the web. 
  4. If you are not using your self-clicked photographs then is a good source for free photos yet I want the link/photo source. 
  5. If possible add a pinnable image to your article. Click HERE for reference.
  6. The articles should be relevant to my blog niche. Currently, I have four categories- Travel, Food, Fashion, and Lifestyle and each of the categories have sub-categories. You can check my blog home page. Your articles should be related to these categories. So you get a wide range of categories to select from. 
  7. The articles you are submitting should be factual and should not portray any topic or subject or place in a negative manner. 
  8. The articles you are going to submit to my blog should be original and should not be produced/published under your name in any other form on other websites. 
  9. I shall allow only one link related to the Author’s Bio in the top portion of the article. No extra links are allowed in the main body.

That was all. I think the guidelines for a guest post are not too difficult to comply with. Along with the name of my blog, your name will also be attached to the articles you are submitting, so I urge you to maintain these guidelines while writing.