A Weekend Getaway at The Krangsuri Waterfalls in Meghalaya

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Northeast India is indeed a paradise which is unexplored. What makes it unique is its rich culture, tradition, inter mingling of different tribes, languages, cuisines, art and dance. Even nature has bestowed upon it pristine beauty in all forms. The mesmerizing hills and valleys, enchanting forests and jungles, lush green tea gardens, rivers and streams, waterfalls, rich wildlife is captivating and makes Northeast India a must visit place for everyone. It has so much to offer that even one lifetime isn’t enough to explore all its parts. Of the seven sister states one of my most favourite is Meghalaya, by now I have visited Meghalaya a zillion times but yet  everytime I visit I find it has got something new to offer me. Last year in 2017 on the month of August we visited Krangsuri Waterfalls which is situated in Amlarem Civil sub division of Jowai.

How to reach the Krangsuri Waterfalls

 Out of so many beautidul waterfalls in Meghalaya the Krangsuri Waterfalls is one of a kind, so beautiful which offers fun, adventure and beauty at the same time. Its like a natural waterpark. In Guwahati, the whole summer we were bored visiting Accoland, the adventure park in Guwahati. Krangsuri Waterfalls thrilled us so much that we have decided to visit it this summer again. 

If you are travelling from Guwahati, all you need to do is drive till the flyover over the Barapani lake, but instead of going beneath the flyover, go left and drive left towards Jowai. The Krangsuri Waterfalls comes under the West Jaintia Hills district. On way you shall find many abandoned coal mines, which looks quite intriguing, and I am sure for photography lovers that will be a great tplace to take some lovely shots. We were a group of four people, my husband, me and two of our very good friends. It was a sudden plan to visit The Krangsuri Waterfalls, we have seen lots of pictures in Instagram and it was in our bucket list since quite a long time. We didn’t know the roads, but GPS guided us and we asked some people on the roads.

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#meghalaya #krangsuriwaterfalls #indiantravelblogger #guwahatiblogger
The Sung Valley on way

Some special attractions on way- The Sung Valley and The abandoned coal mines

While on way to Krangsuri, you will pass by the Sung valley which is also the most fertile region of Meghalaya, even if you are low on time, do make sure to stop by and enjoy the breath taking view of the valley. There is also a watch point if you have enough time than you can go for it. It is 50kms away from Shillong along the Shillong-Jowai road. Even if you are staying in Shillong than make sure to experience the mesmerising Sung Valley.

I found the abandoned coal mines quite fascinating. We tooks some pictures there. Please make sure not to go inside, as they looked quite scarry. The roads are quite lonely, you won’t find much traffic so I suggest not to stop too long near the mines.

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The abandoned coal mines

Things to do once you reach The Krangsuri Waterfalls

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A weekend getaway at The Krangsuri Waterfalls in Meghalaya

Once you reach the location, there is a parking space for your cars and vehicles. As you all know one thing that is most uncertain in Meghalaya is the rainfall, at one moment it is sunny and the next its raining. You can borrow umbrellas from the small stalls you will find at the entrance, and they are free of cost when we went there. 

You can also have tea/coffee or some snacks at the stalls, they also serve lunch which consists of veg and non-veg items. You can enjoy the lunch on way back.

From there you need to trek down a distance of around 2 kms approximately. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because the place is slippery at places and also you may need the umbrella when it rains.

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After you reach, get your tickets, they will also give you life-jackets which are mandatory to wear. They got nice changing rooms for Gents/Ladies, you can change your outfits. So make sure to carry towels, extra pair of clothes in which you can take a dip in the chilling water of Krangsuri Falls. 

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So after changing we hit the falls, they have constructed a small dam like structure where visitors can enjoy the water, swim and take a dip. Its not that shallow but make sure to wear your life jackets. The main falls comes first, you can go and have a look but due to huge boulders I found getting down in the water little scarry. But you can try it. I saw lots of guys enjoying bath there. Also there are lots of life guards have a continuous look on the visitors which I found very safe and a good initiative from the management. 

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A beautiful shot of The Krangsuri Waterfalls taken at dusk, by my Friend Dr. Githartha Bordoloi

The clean and cool water will make you forget your thousand visit to a waterpark. I called it a natural waterpark, so thrilling, I took dips, splashed water and also took a shower. It was so wonderful that words are falling short while describing it. We spent there for around three ours, it was almost evening when we returned. We had some light snacks at the stalls outside.

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The dam kind of structure built for tourists to enjoy the water and make it more safe.
#krangsuriwaterfalls #travelblogger #guwahatiblogger #weekendtrip #meghalaya
The guys enjoying a splash!!


That was all, make sure to visit the Krangsuri Waterfalls this summer, I am sure you will want to visit it again and again. 


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  1. wow, the Krangsuri Waterfalls looks like a beautiful destination especially on those warm weekends you are looking for a get away. Love the pic at dusk of the falls. The next time we head to India we want to spend time in the North East part of India to see great sights like this.

  2. I have heard of this place, we were unable to visit it as we chose a different route and were short on time. This blog just made us take a virtual tour of this place. Thanks for that. 🙂

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