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Top 7 places in India I visited in 2017 – a short travel review

2017 has been one of the most amazing years, in terms of travelling and also my passion for blogging. I travelled to some of the most beautiful places of our country, explored some exotic destination in North East India where I stay. Also I learnt a lot about blogging from my blogging coach. It was a year full of new travelling experiences both as a travel freak and as a travel blogger. Of all the places I visited, here is a list of the top 7 places in India, I travelled in 2017. I met people from different states having different cultural values, customs, traditions and beliefs. Well here is a short list of all the places I have travelled in India last year.

Top 7 places in India I visited in 2017 – a short travel review

Most of the trips I made was very hectic, yet memorable in its own way. It is very difficult for me and my husband to take out time of our busy schedule to quench our thirst for travelling, but we both are firm believer in the saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”.There is so much to add,I shall write few more compilation posts about my journey and travelling expereiences and also food that I ate and relished upon last year.

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Top 7 places in India I visited in 2017 – a short travel review


I began 2017 on a very happy note as my sister-in-law got married and it was one of those moments when all family members unite and everywhere its just happiness and lots of laughter. For her wedding reception we visited Kolkata on 7th February. After all marriage rituals got over I still had two days in hand, I had visited Kolkata many times earlier, so this time I decided it will be only related to food and shopping. My husband and I started from Flurry’s and we ate in Peter Cat, Arselan, Trinca’s, 6 Ballygunj Place in these two days untill our stomach said, “No more Please!!”. It was like eat till you drop. Next we did lots of shopping in New Market and Gariahat. So ladies if you love junk jewellery, bags, beautiful fabrics/dress materials, New Market Esplanade is the right place for you. And for saree lovers Gariahat is there. 

      2. Puri, Odisha

Next destination was Puri in March, which I visited along with my mother and my sister’s family. I never miss a chance to travel. The moment my sister said she want to take my mother and her mother-in-law to Puri as it is a religious place for us and the ladies wanted to visit the Jagannath Temple. I joined the group and we had a three days weeknd trip to Puri. It was quite hectic one yet we covered as many places we can, I also did some shopping. Of all I found the Sun Temple in Konark and The Jagannath Temple spectacular and an example of excellent architectural craftsmanship. You can read all about my trip in details on the links given HERE and HERE. 

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Puri, Odisha

    3. Manas National Park, Assam

After gaining some spirituality it was time for some adventure and what else can be more thrilling and adventurous than a roadtrip and a jungle safari. We visited the Manas Nationall Park in April which is also an UNESCO world heritage site and also a Tiger Reserve Project. It was an amazing experience we had there. We also visited Pangbang a small village in Bhutan which also border Manas National Park between India and Butan. We spotted lots of hornbill, deers, various other birds, peacocks, elephants, wild buffaloes. Read all about my trip to Manas National Park HERE and HERE

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Manas National Park

    4. Pondicherry

It has now become a routine for me to visit Pondicherry every year as my sister stays there. So my next destination was Pondicherry which I visited in July along with my mother. Its one of those places I love to visit and re-visit again and again. The French town attracts me, I love the beaches, the cafes, the french style architecture of the buildings, the clean roads and low traffic. The place is very soothing and relaxing. I think its a very good place to take a break in the middle of a year. This time I hired a bicycle and I was like all over the town, cycling through the neatly pitched roads, the lanes of the French town, quenching my thrist with some cool watermelon juice, it was one hell of a memorable trip. Read HERE all about Pondicherry.

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   5. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

August and almost the whole of September passed  with various festivals mainly Durga Puja and we visited some nearby places like the Krangsuri Watefalls in Meghalaya and some random roadtrips here and there. On September 29th, again our wheels rolled on and we were on a roadtrip to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the most adventurous trip we ever had. With landslides, road blocades, slepping in our car overnight, the roadtrip to Tawang had been the most dangerous and life threatening trip we ever made. Infact that was what made the trip more memorable. You can read all about the trip HERE and HERE

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Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

 6. Dooars 

The last trip of 2017 was the trip to Dooars in North Bengal. Jungle safaris, long drive, rivers bordering Bhutan and India, famous picnic spots, treading along the unknown roads, asking strangers which route to follow, we experienced it all and it had been an incredible trip to Dooars. It was an unplanned trip so we faced some difficulties like we had to stand in a queue to book a jeep for jungle safari, we also didn’t get bookings in some government guest houses which were in our bucket list as they are popular places to stay in Dooars. Well read more about this trip HERE.

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Innto the wilds, Dooars

7. Cooch Behar

On way back to Guwahati from Dooars we also spent a day in Cooch Behar. Cooch Behar is famous for its beautiful Cooch Behar Palace, the MadanMohan Temple, the Baneswar Shiv Mandir which is very famous among devotees of Lord Shiva and also the pond full of tortoises which are hundreds of years old, the Sagardighi which is a huge tank in the heart of the city. I am yet to write a detailed post on my visit to Cooch Behar, will update very soon. 

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The Cooch Behar Palace

Along with these trips we have made multiple short weekend getaways, roadtrips , small family outings. The mosr favourite of all our nearby places in Meghalaya, wheneevr we want to take a short break from our mundane life we head to the hills, Shillong being the nearest one. That was all, see you all very soon.

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