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Gift Ideas for your travel freak friend #A2ZChallenge

One thing that I like most when I visit any new place is shopping. I love to explore the local market, the general stores and make a list of things that are specific to that particular places. I buy tokens or mementos for my family and loved ones and gift them to my loved ones. We all have friends who love to travel and these kind of mementos or travel accessories are great to brighten up their life and bring smile on their face. Here I list down ten such items that I am sure your travel freak friend is definitely going to appreciate. I am sure we all know what’s best to gift our travel lover friends but still this is a simple list to help you in case you get confused.

Gift Ideas for your travel freak friend

   1.Coffee Mugs

Not those general coffee mugs that are available in stores but it has to be something special. It should make your friend relieve his /her travel memories. A coffee mug with attractive prints for eg. the name of a place or a travel related quote or picture of your friends’s favorite destination.

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Gift Items from Casablanca

   2. Canvas Bags

Shopping bags made of canvas material with attractive prints related to any destination makes a wonderful gift item for your fashionista friend who is also a travel lover. While buying a gift one thing you also need to keep in mind that it doesn’t add to your extra baggage so these kind of light weight and unbreakable things are easy to carry.

   3. Customized Luggage tags

Now-a days luggage tags are quite a wonderful travel accessory, which looks quite chic and fashionable. There are lots of Instagram stores and also online shopping portals that sells luggage tags. These make trendy gift items for your travel freak friend. A customized luggage tag with your friend’s name imprinted on it is a perfect gift for your friend.


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  4. Customized Passport Holders

Well are new entrants in the gifting arena. Customized passport holder for your travel freak friend who are also a couple is something I am sure they are going to like a lot. Search Instagram there are probably thousands of such stores who sell customized passport holder within Rs.500- Rs 700 approximately. 


 5. Home Decor Items

Various home decor items like handmade candles, Key chains, Fridge Magnets, cushion covers, wall art, may be a dream-catcher, a table clock, etc that your travel freak friend who also has a taste in home decorations will find attractive. 


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These are some of my favorite gifts that I give my travel freak friends. They love it. Make sure you know the taste of your friend and gift them those things only that they are going to like. They should find the charm and feel the warmth of your friendship as It is not the gift but the thoughts that counts. 


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