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Elephant Ride and Shower- most thrilling experience in Kerela! #A2ZChallenge

I am always in search of some kind of memorable adventure and thrill no matter where I go. When I plan for a trip I do my research well to know every minute details about the place I am going. Sometimes it takes a month or more. I read blogs, talk with friends or relatives who have visited the place. That’s a great way you can get lots of information when you are about to visit a new place. Now why is this important? It’s important because this information will help you to make a “to-do” list of things. Thus when I visited Kerela, I did a thorough research about exciting things that I can do there. Elephant ride is very common most of my friends and relatives have done that on their visit to Kerela. But I found that many doesn’t even know there is an activity called elephant shower. Both the elephant ride and shower was one of my thrilling experiences ever.

How did I know about this activity in Kerela? How I came across a blog and there I read how the blogger and her family enjoyed getting a shower by an elephant on way to Munnar. When I contacted my tour operator, I specifically told him to take me to a place with provision for elephant shower. He said he will arrange all that.

Elephant Ride and Shower- most thrilling experience ever!

So my journey began,I was accompanied by my husband. We landed in Kochi and were received by our driver. He took us straight to Munnar. On way we had a spice garden and a medicinal plants garden in our itinerary. Other facilities offered by them are elephant shower and elephant ride. After going through the spice garden, they took us to the main spot. It was on top of a hill. Most of the tourists do this activity in Thekkedy but I suggest you to do it in Munnar as you will find it less crowded and also try to reach early as earlly bird always benefits.

Initially I was so scared to sit on the back of the elephant, it was my first time. He was moving continuously making me more nervous and as the mahout instructed him in the local language, like an obedient child he obeyed.

What about the charges? The charges for elephant shower per person was- Rs.900 per head. Well, the charges for elephant ride and the spice garden tour was inclusive in our package which would be within Rs.400 per head. It may also vary from place to place as there are many places all over Kerela which arranges for these activities.

Since we were a couple we both rode the elephant together. It was raining cats and dogs and the mahout gave us huge umbrella. It was quite an exciting ride altogether. We rode for around half an hour. After that we changed our clothes and the mahout took us to a different spot on the same campus.

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On reaching the spot what did I see? An elephant was standing in the middle of a pool of water. Near him was a cliff and from that cliff we got into his back. While riding the elephant there were seats placed on his back where we could sit comfortably. But now it was all bare. we had to sit on his bare back, his thick body hair gave a funny kind of feeling. Some of them were so thick it stung my legs. First my husband mounted on his back, as I needed some time to gather courage. After he settled on the elephant’s back, on the mahout’s instruction the elephant filled his trunk with water and threw them backwards on my husband. Like that the elephant showered him 21 times with water. He was enjoying so much that he refused to get down his back. Next was my turn, I was scared like hell. When the elephant lifts his trunk it becomes difficult to keep the balance, at times I felt as if I would fall down. Our legs were fastened to a rope that went around the elephant’s back. Though I was laughing and enjoying yet at the back of my mind I was a bit scared and for which my husband still keeps on teasing me for fearing an elephant so meek. After eighth shower I got down as I was feeling very cold. It was a marvelous experience. The whole thing lasted for about one and half an hour. My husband hugged our gentle friend who gave us so much pleasure and memories to cherish for our whole life, yes I am talking about our elephant friend.

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#elephantshower #kerela #munnar
That’s me

Few important things to remember-

  1. Carry extra clothes with you as the elephant shower will make you wet. You will need to change.
  2. If you have kids carry some water and food as the whole activity can be lengthy.
  3. Do not try to tease the elephant. It will return you love only if you love him. It’s a very cool and gentle animal. If your kids are doing that stop them.

The elephants are not at all harmed in this process. The ride is just a matter of walk into a small stretch of path, hardly half an hour taking into consideration of the elephant’s pace. For the shower we are made to sit on its back and the elephant showers water, I don’t think that’s a tiring activity. Most people I have seen opt only for the elephant ride which is quite popular in Kerela. After each activity the elephant is given rest and I saw it was eating after we fined the ride. 

Along with my experience of staying in a houseboat, the experience of an elephant shower will remain fresh forever in my mind. There is another activity called the elephant bath, where you will help the mahout to bathe the elephant but somehow we could witness this. Plan you trip carefully so that you may not miss any single adventure. Hope you liked reading the post. Have you done this activity when you visited Kerela? Do let me know in the comments.



35 thoughts on “Elephant Ride and Shower- most thrilling experience in Kerela! #A2ZChallenge

  1. The experience seems fun.
    The important thing is that the elephants at Munnar are not mistreated unlike the ones we saw at Thailand. So we can enjoy a guilt-free experience.

  2. Super pics! Promising experience indeed.
    One needs to be careful. Saw a video in which the trainer was thrown by the elephant he was trying to mount. Though he attempted with the help of two of his friends, he was unsuccessful & tossed to the ground…

    1. yes I agree with you, i can’t tell you how scared I was whereas my husband was trying different poses. It’s difficult to balance on the elephant’s bare shoulders, but yes a thrilling experience indeed. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. What an a experience. I feel like I think the same way with trying to create memories no matter where I am. I love animals, so I would love to do this. Amazing pictures as well. Great post.

  4. Great photos! Would love to experience this hopefully soon, but on this place not on Thailand. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of Phlanx.com and connect with amazing brands!


  5. I am not a big fan of using elephants as tourism attraction and would not prefer riding any animal myself. I hope they are treated right after a day filled with such hard work.

    1. Definitely they are done. its just a small stretch they are made to walk and after every activity they are given time to eat and rest. This is nothing new in Kerela and have been a part of Tourism since a long time. I am sure the animal rights people wouldn’t have allowed had it been exploitation of the animals. Thanks fr your comment anyway.

  6. Hello!
    This is a real exciting experience.. I have been to munnar myself and have also taken the elephant ride, but we missed out on the shower!!
    May Be next time!

  7. Wow! I definitely want to try this. I haven’t seen an elephant and it seems so nice. I know it will be an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing!

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