Money is always an important factor when it comes to travelling. I have heard a lot of people saying that,” I have resigned my job since I want to travel the world”. I am sure they will do it definitely after resigning from work but the question that comes to my mind is where the money would come from to satisfy that wanderlust. Surely they know that once you start travelling, you can’t just stop until you’ve seen the world. To be able to travel , there’s no way you can go jobless, it takes a long time to save up even just for one vacation. They must have saved enough money to let them going during their journey, or there are certain small jobs or work that can be done while travelling. So let me take up this topic for my today’s #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and share 5 different ways that will let you save money for travelling :-

5 Ways to save money for travelling #A2ZChallenge

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1 Cut off all useless expenses

So if you have that wanderlust you must know what kind of useless expenses I am talking about. It can be anything you don’t need but you get tempted to buy. It may be a dress, an over-expensive bag which is not worth investing and you realise the mistake when you failed to manage to fund for your next trip. If you don’t need any extra furniture don’t buy it rather hire it or borrow. Nowadays many agencies have come up in metros and other developing cities who lend furniture. It will save you some money. Take the public transport rather than your car and put a curb on your fuel expenses.

2. Open an exclusive bank – account

This is what I do. I have opened a separate bank account where I put a small percentage of my salary which I use to fund my travelling. One thing that I believe in my life is to save and then spend. In that way, we don’t get chance to spoil ourselves with useless expenses. If you’re trying to organize your personal finances to set you on the right path to affording extensive travel, investing should be high on your list of priorities.

3. Travel during off-season

This is a good way to save money by travelling in offseason. Also, the places will be less crowded with tourists. In peak season everything from flight to train tickets, hotel fares, entry fees to certain tourist spots becomes very expensive. If you are a frequent traveller than you must there is a vast difference between travelling in peak seasons and low season. Low season means the weather may not be favourable, or the period within the middle of a week or when there are no holidays, etc.

4. Avoid weekends or holidays for flying

While doing your flight tickets you will see there is a rise in fare in the weekends – Friday to Sunday and again there is a sharp drop in the same flight fares in midweek say Tuesday to Thursday. Take full advantage of that. Also, it is advisable to get your tickets booked at least a month or two ahead.

5. Sell or Conduct a Garage Sale of your unwanted items

Just sell off those items you don’t need anymore. If you have a dress or shoes which is still brand new then sell it off. There are many apps such as the SPOYL app which lets you sell off your used or new clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. Just download it and get going. Also, you can conduct a Garage Sale to sell off all the unused items in your house- it may be kitchenware, car equipment, sports equipment, etc. You may not need them but someone else may.

These are my tips which I have found very useful. I save money for traveling as along with travelling there are a lot of important things in my life that I give high priority. What about you, how do you save money? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Ishani Nath, is a full time teacher and a passionate Blogger. She loves to write. With a classic taste in Fashion, a foodie and a bookworm she is happy in her own way. She loves travelling, gain knowledge and spread it to the world. A die hard handloom lover she also loves to adorn anything and everything handmade or handwoven.


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    The last one is so cool – you’ll also end up de-cluttering.
    I’ve seen people raise funds for their travels through crowd sourcing as well 😀

    X-tacy of travel: An Ode To Wanderlust

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      Yes garage sales are best way to gather some ready funds.

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    Great read, thanks! Really useful as I am planning to spend next summer travelling.

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    Great tips. Opening a separate bank account for your travel expenses isn’t a bad idea. And you’re definitely right everything that has to do with traveling like, cars, hotels, flights are all more expensive during weekend and holidays.

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      Thanks a lot for sharing your views.

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