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During my last visit to Pondicherry in the year 2017, I had a great time enjoying the beach and eating some good food. But my mother decided to stay for some more days. I returned by the end of July while she stayed back. My mother got the chance to celebrate Christmas with my sister’s family.

My elder sister stays in Pondicherry, you must know as I have already mentioned in my earlier posts about Pondicherry. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here – 8 Interesting Things To Do When You Are in Pondicherry 

. She was very excited as it was the first time she was celebrating Christmas outside her hometown and in a land which has so many beautiful churches. She told me all about it when she came back Guwahati. Here let me share with you all my mother’s experience of celebrating Christmas in Pondicherry. 

The Christmas holidays always start with decorating homes, buying gifts, placing the Christmas tree, doing all the lighting works. My sister’s little son, my nephew Daiwik is always excited about Christmas. He loves decorating the Christmas gifts, he knows about Santa Claus and waited for his gifts from him. My mother had a splendid time decorating the tree with her grandson. Since the morning my sister got busy in the kitchen finishing all the daily chores at home. They had an early lunch as they wanted to spend the entire afternoon at the famous church Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is situated on the South Boulevard of Pondicherry. Having a Gothic architecture the church is 100 years old. The church is spacious and the interior is beautiful. The also spend some wonderful time on the beach. 

The place outside the church was decorated with Beautiful and bright coloured lights. My mother was continuously sending me pictures of the lovely decorations around the Church in WhatsApp. They also had a dinner at the famous restaurant Atithi in Pondicherry. Well, no Christmas is complete without a cake. My sister baked a caked and sad I couldn’t have a piece of it. 

Hope you enjoyed reading how my mother celebrated Christmas in Pondicherry. 

#christmas #pondicherry #guwahatiblogger

#pondicherry #christmas #guwahatiblogger
That’s my mother on right and bro-in-law in left with my nephew Daiwik


#guwahatiblogger #pondicherry #christmas
That is the Christmas Tree decorated by my sister and nephew, cute isn’t it!


Inside the Church
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