Who doesn’t love the beaches, from kids to elders we all love hitting the beaches. If you stay in a place where there is a beach than I must say “You are very lucky” but people like me who do not have a beach near me keep on hoping that “Wish we had a beach nearby”. This increases our affinity towards more beach vacation, we tend to select those places where there is a beach and we can spend time with our family. In India although most of the beach destinations gets heated up yet we prefer visiting again and again. When we are talking in particular about beaches, sea, sand and the sun than one thing strikes us a lot. What is that? Yes you got it right it’s about our clothes that we love to wear to beaches. In India one popular beach destination is Andaman and Nicobar Island. Of all places the most will get to visit are the numerous and beautiful beaches.

In the year 2015 when I went to Andamans with my husband I have noted certain things about clothes and other outfits and I felt that it would be really helpful to those who are planning to visit. This post is not about what to wear and not on a beach as that I am sure you know better but this post is about some observations related to clothes that I feel is necessary to share with you if you are travelling to Andaman Island for the first time. These things may have been noted by many on their visit so let just begin and put down all my observations here-

Outfit related suggestions if you are travelling to Andaman Islands #A2ZChallenge

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The unresistant blue waters at Andaman

While packing carry some extra clothes.

While packing your luggage for Andamans, you can carry some extra clothes and try to wear fresh ones every day. Washing and drying clothes in the Andaman may not be easy due to the humid weather of the islands. Also, it might be possible that you won’t get any steaming service for your washed clothes. I guess you don’t want to get clicked wearing a scruffy dress at a beach. That’s why it is often advised to steam your clothes with distilled water as it won’t clog your iron and keep your clothes free from any stains (if interested, you could look for options to buy distilled water from sites like Golyath). This might help your clothes have a longer life-span as well. Why are extra clothes necessary though? Because when you drench your clothes, you will need to come back to the hotel to wash and let them dry. Since the weather won’t let fast drying of clothes, it’s better to leave those clothes for drying and you can put on something else. You could get some light fabric clothing or swimwear from brands similar to Beach Riot. You don’t need many pairs of shoes to keep it light carry a good pair of slippers as that would be enough. Carry light clothes and cotton shorts as that will keep your luggage light weighted.

Carry extra pair of clothes on each day of your trip.

Since the name already suggests you are going to get a lot of beaches as what else can you expect on an Island. You will be visiting a lot of beaches everyday, may be two-three beaches and the water will be alluring, it will make you jump and drench yourself. After visiting one beach you will need to visit another. If you are travelling on a fixed itinerary than you will need to do this. So carry some extra pair of clothes to change as most of the beaches have very nice eco-friendly changing rooms. After going for sea-bed walking at Havelock Islands, I was completely wet and I changed my clothes later on after spending some time on the beach and from there our guide took us to another beach and in between it would be embarrassing to move around in those wet clothes. From there he took us to another beach and again the water attracted me like a magnet. I love taking a plunge into the sea. My second pair of clothes saved me as I came back to my hotel which was quite far away.

I could not take a plunge into the beautiful waters of the Radhanagar sea beach as I did not had extra pair of clothes with me and the driver would have killed me had I seat with all my wet clothes and spoiled his seat cover. Common it’s quite normal even we won’t like if some ruins our car seat cover with water and sand!

#outfitideas #suggestions #andaman #beach #outfit

Travelling to Andamans with no fixed itinerary

If you are travelling to andamans with no fixed itinerary and you want to spent you time lazily lying around the beaches, soak some sun than I am sure you are the luckiest one as you have got all your time to enjoy the pristine beaches of Andaman. So we should atleast travel with a time slot of 10-15 days in hand. Since we were there for just 8 days so we had to face this trouble. I always have this habit of travelling with a lot of luggage only if I am not going on backpacking trip and thank god! it save me in Andamans.

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That was all hope you might find this article necessary and also let me know your experiences if you have faced any such problems in any vacation. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, also valuable tips in the comment section below.

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