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For travel lovers the one thing that is very important is a fixed budget because you need to have a good hold of your finances, you cannot just go on squandering all your money on a single trip and than sit back and wonder why did you do that. Planning is very important. Why? Because if you have properly planned a trip than you can explore more places, in a fixed budget. So it is important to take time before you travel. This post is not about how to travel in a fixed budget but what are the benefits you get if you are doing that. Here I lay down few points that are the key benefits of travelling in a fixed budget.

Key Benefits of a travelling fixed budget


1. Save money for your other trips

If you are on a fixed budget than one thing is sure to happen that is you can save money for your upcoming trips. Being a frequent traveler I am sure you must know that travelling is like a drug, it’s intoxicating the more you have it the more you need it. And if you spend everything in a single trip than how will you manage for the other.

2. Look after your other priorities

Being on a fixed budget also helps you to take after your other priorities. Along with satiating your travel needs I am sure you also have a family back home, liabilities, responsibilities that you need to take care of. It’s becomes way more easier if you are on a budget. You can stay focused and remain balanced in your life.

3. Take up challenges

Budget travelling is indeed quite challenging, it’s very difficult because in many instance some unforeseen situation may arise and you may need to step out of your budget. So it’s in those situations you get to learn a lot. For example your booking got cancelled in a budget friendly hotel and you had to book a hotel room with a little higher tariff. Than what to do? Well, in that case you can curtail your other expenses in transportation, food, etc. It’s up to you how you achieve the balance.

4. Enjoy the little things while travelling

Sometimes what happens in the light of luxury and glamour we forget to enjoy the little things in our life. Wherever you decide to visit, let’s say Malta, you will find many little things that tourists can enjoy only if they have done the necessary research. Be it staying in a hostel with other backpackers, or maybe a homestay with the local people, these will let you appreciate the little things while travelling. Enjoy some local street food, take a walk, explore the nearby places on foot, if you are travelling in India you will love it. The street food in India is something to die for. You will find many popular food blogs which have detailed information on the best street foods across India. In that way, you can save some money as these won’t cost you a fortune and also enjoy the little things while travelling.

5. Increased interaction with the local people

Budget travelling will also let you develop a better communication with the local people. You will find how the local people thrive in their daily life, you can share your experiences with them and in return know about theirs. The people are hospitable, they love tourists not because tourism is a source of livelihood but because their voices can be reached to the world beyond. In a fixed budget you can stay for longer duration and opt for various volunteer services, help the local NGOs working, contribute towards their proper functioning and in that way it may also open some avenues for you to earn some money on the go.

So what is your opinion on budget travelling. I try to keep it low as much as I can. it’s difficult sometimes but yet I try to stick hard to my resolution. Do let me know your views in the comment section below.


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Ishani Nath, is a full time teacher and a passionate Blogger. She loves to write. With a classic taste in Fashion, a foodie and a bookworm she is happy in her own way. She loves travelling, gain knowledge and spread it to the world. A die hard handloom lover she also loves to adorn anything and everything handmade or handwoven.


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    Jhay says:

    OMG! I love your site! I’ll bookmark this for further readings.

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      Thanks a lot 🙂

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    Great one. I also travel with a fixed budget.

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      Thanks for reading.

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    wonderful tips, we dont have to be rich, to experience travel.

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    Gia says:

    Love your post so i love travel. Thanks for sharing

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      Thanks Gia

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    Very practical advice! I always save in advance for my trips !

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      Same with me. Thanks

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    Really nice insights. I am personally doing more or less of it for a while. Happy travelings.

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