I had this dream of seeing the cherry blossom trees blooming but it’s just a few years back that I came to know Shillong in Meghalaya is bestowed upon Cherry Blossom trees and they bloom during the month of November. Every year many people visits Japan to enjoy this beauty and miracle of nature when everything is painted pink by the cherry blossom trees. But you need not go that far away, if you are staying in Guwahati than Cherry Blossom trees are just 90km away from you in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya.

Last year in the month of November, the Meghalaya Government  in association with the Institute of Bio-resources and Sustainable Development (IBSD), Imphal, and the Indian Council of Cultural Relations organised the International Cherry Blossom Festival-2017 for four days from November 8th. Lots of events were planned- cultural shows, storytelling sessions, The famous Lady Hydari park was decorated as there are lots of cherry blossom trees. But nature had it’s own way due to late monsoons the cherry blossom trees did not bloom, during the festival. So we dropped the plan of visiting. Our main attraction was to witness the cherry blossom bloom.

Two weeks later in mid November we went for a one day trip to Shillong and guess what just after reaching the Borapani Lake I saw the pink flowers blooming, my happiness crossed all boundaries. Beneath the clear blue sky the trees where not even a single leaf was visible cast a spell upon my soul. Throughout our way to Shillong we spotted numerous trees all pink in color. 

But a striking thing that you will notice is that the main town had lesser number of trees than the highway had. Even I could see The Ward’s Lake had a very few number of trees in full bloom.

Here are some important points to remember if you are planning to visit Shillong during Cherry Blossom this winter- 

The Cherry Blossom generally blooms from the first week of November and remains till the end. To avoid disappointment in case the flowers doesn’t bloom, I suggest to schedule your trip in mid November. 

The best place to enjoy the tress in full bloom is on way towards Shillong just after you reach Borapani. Make sure to keep your eyes open to spot as many tress you can while on your way to Shillong. Click as many pictures you want there, I could spot only a few full bloom trees in Shillong main town area. Shillong looks like a pretty lady in pink at that time, yes! that’s exactly what I commented after seeing so many cherry blossom trees all around. If you take a ride around the town you will find many places with pink cherry blossom trees eriacta 100mg tablets

Inside Shillong town the best place to enjoy the beauty of nature is in The Lady Hydari Park and The Ward’s Lake.

Sharing some pictures that I took during my visit. Hope you shall like them. Do share your experience if you have visited Shillong during Cherry Blossom.

#cherryblossom #shillong #meghalaya #travelblogger

#cherryblossom #shillong #meghalaya #travelblogger
The Ward’s Lake

#cherryblossom #shillong #meghalaya #travelblogger


#cherryblossom #shillong #meghalaya #travelblogger


#cherryblossom #shillong #meghalaya #travelblogger


#cherryblossom #shillong #meghalaya #travelblogger
At Lady Hydari Park

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    Your post reminded me of my trip with my family to the northeast, including Shillong, seven years ago, in November. A great place, with breathtaking landscape, as well. Good photos.

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      Yes Is my most favourite place, I visit very often since I stay in Guwahati. Thanks for reading my post 🙂

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