Being a working woman sometimes I get so much engaged and busy with my daily life that all I need is a push to get off my comfort zone and seek out into the world outside. And true to what I am saying there are certain factors that have inspired me from time to time to travel, to carry out on a journey I could have never imagined, to make lasting memories, to create new boundaries and challenge them. Of all these factors the one that has caused me itchy feet are our popular Bollywood movies. What attracts me is the wonderful locations shown, how they commute from one place to another, several incidents during the journey, how the plot develops and also the excellent cinematography. Of all movies that inspired me here are top five of them- 

  1 Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The story of four friends Naina (Deepika), Kabir (Ranbir), Abhi (Aditya) and Aditi (Kalki). It’s was really exciting to see how three of them Bunny, Aditi and Abhi plan for a high adventure and thrilling trip to Manali and later Naina with all her courage steps out of her ordinary life and make a bold decision to join the other three as all of them are her school friends. This single trip changed her life forever. When she came back she was not the older Naina she used to be. Travelling changes our outlook as a person, it teaches us a lot and makes us confident. It’s really exciting to go on a trip with friends. The beautiful snow clad mountains of Manali seems like calling me too. The latter half of the movies will urge you to go for a romantic vacation to Paris and go for a job that lets you travel the world just like Bunny. The destination wedding of Aditi and Taran in Udaipur is something that will make you want to head over to Udaipur.


  2 Dil Chahta Hain

This movie probably boosted the tourism of Goa to another level. Goa was already popular among travel lovers but the way it is shown in the movie people from far-flung places made their way to spend their vacation with friends in Goa. The sudden plan, the road trip, the long drive, the numerous adventures, the beautiful sea all are enough to put Goa in your bucket list. Along with Goa, this movie made me want to visit Sydney. The light spirited movie which tells us a lot about friendship and how to value each of our friends’ feelings was one of my favourite Bollywood movies. each time I watch I get an urge to fly off to Goa. 


  3. Tamasha

The moment I saw Tamasha, I started searching the Internet for travel itinerary to Corsica, a stylish French island in the Mediterranean sea.  I checked ticket rates, how to reach. Within an instant, Corsica became a hot spot tourist destination among we Indians. It’s a breathtaking location which shows how two people fell in love and later parted ways with a heavy heart. Though the storyline was very weak yet the sights of Corsica made me fall in love within a moment. 


 4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Yet another movie involving three friends and their three surprises. One of the three friend’s Kabir is about to get married and so they plan a bachelor trip to Spain. They plan three activities each but keep it hidden only to reveal it when they reach the spot. So three friends, one car and a journey for a lifetime that changed their life forever. The underwater sea diving, skydiving and the bull race are enough to give you thrill and adventure. It showed Spain in such a manner that will give you itchy feet. Their journey and adventure taught them many things in life like life never give you a second chance, we should live our life for the moment and we have a single life so we should cherish it and fulfil all our dreams. Great movie that inspired me to travel especially on road trips and learn from my journey. 


  5. Queen

The last and my most favourite is Queen, a movie that broke all stereotypes, that showed how a girl alone goes on her honeymoon on being betrayed by her fiancee. Her solo trip to Paris inspires many ladies to seek out on their own journey and give them confidence. The romantic sights of Paris and the adventure-filled Amsterdam must have inspired many ladies to go for solo trips. Both the places are on my bucket list. The single journey changed Rani (Kangana) from a girl next door to a confident lady. Travelling really changes us, it brings out the best in us. It broadens our horizon and teaches us to face any difficult situation in life. 

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Thus, the list ends here.  These are my top five Bollywood movies that inspired me to travel and that taught me some simple ways to live my life just the way I want to. Do you have any such favourite movies that changed your life? Let me know in the comment section. Show some love and share my post with your friends and loved ones. See you tomorrow with another interesting post. 


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