Hello, well this post is very different from other regular posts in my blog, most of my friends, relatives who have been following me in various social medium platform keeps on asking me Why do I Blog- The Reason behind my Purpose and what is the reason behind this, how I started blogging, what benefits I am receiving from it and the queries keep on going.

Finally, I have decided to write a post on this topic Why I blog. It is not like one day I woke up from sleep and decided that yes! I will start a blog, sat down with my laptop and bang on! I shall remain 100% authentic and try to answer all the question that often been asked of me with honesty. I shall also share the many struggles I have faced and how I have overcome some and how I am still struggling with some issues.

Why Do I blog- My Journey and Purpose

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How did the journey begin?

Many people don’t know that my blogging journey started way back in 2010 when I was in my university hostel. Being a literature student I was interested in writing poems and articles, some of my articles also got published in magazine years later though. I used to maintain a journal, but somehow I stopped maintaining it during my university days.

I started my first WordPress blog in the same year. I used to publish my poems, movie reviews and various experiences of life, but due to the heavy pressure of my studies I had to discontinue it, and one day out of frustration I deleted all the published posts. That chapter ended in 2011. In 2011 I graduated from University and soon at home, I had nothing much to do, I used to read books and other blogs on the internet.

Then one day I came across a very popular blog IMBB indianmakeupandbeautyblog.com, it was gaining grounds very fast. I used to write for the blog and they used to pay me INR 200 for each post. I enjoyed doing it and people loved my writing style and also my product reviews. I got nice feedback. Then I wrote for two or more such beauty blogs. But all these soon ended when I again enrolled myself in an academic course. I also got a job as a Lecturer in a college and used to remain very busy. This is what I call my baby steps into the blogging world. But I did not stop writing, I used to write for local magazines.

How my blog BUOYANT LIFESTYLES came into existence?

It all began way back in 2015 just after my marriage, I started travelling a lot with my husband. I used to share my travel photos in my facebook and my friends simply liked them. They used to call and ask me how I planned my journey, what to do and not do in a particular place, and lots of travel-related queries filled my inbox.

At that time I was also planning to revive my blog and give it another try. After lots of careful research and discussion, I decided that I should start a blog with all the pictures I’ve taken. But then the next hurdle was, What Should I write about, what should be my niche, how can I help my readers. My mind used to remain clouded with this kind of questions. As I told you I used to travel a lot and loved travelling since my childhood days, I decided why not start a Travel blog, and with that I can also help my readers who love travelling like me.

I was in Pondicherry at my sister’s home and it is there that I along with my sister’s co-operation would start a Lifestyle blog with the main focus in Travel Blogging. There how BUOYANT LIFESTYLE came into existence.

Why Do I blog- Purpose

Why do I Blog – is not a very difficult question for me, I blog because I love to do it, I want to share my experiences with my readers. I want to inspire people with my thoughts and experience that I publish in my blog. People read my posts and I can connect with their needs and what are they expecting from my blog.

I love writing and I think it is the best space which I can use to fulfil my passion. I get emails and messages from my friends and relatives and readers that they love my work and have found it helpful, some of my readers visit the places I write about in my Travel stories, they appreciate it and all these boost my passion and give me a purpose of my life.

Some hurdles I faced and how I overcame them

The main hurdles I faced when I started blogging is how to attract readers and how to keep my blog traffic growing. I would do research online and reach out to professionals from the likes of this seo agency bolton and similar companies who would be gracious enough to clear a few of my doubts for me. It’s a fact we bloggers can’t deny, that we do need a good blog traffic. It not only boosts our confidence but also gives us motivation that our readers are liking our work. Appreciation and feedback are also very important.

Initially, I didn’t have much idea about using social media to increase my blog traffic or how to use these platforms to make my work seen by a maximum number of readers. But with the help of my blogging coach I could overcome this hurdle. I was also recommended by a couple of blogger friends to start using growth services such as Likigram to gain more Instagram followers and create more traffic for my blog. This is something that I might consider in the future as it could help out a lot! But there is no end to challenges and yes for me challenges are important to keep up my blogging spirit alive!

So this was all, hope you liked reading my journey, there is a lot more to it, keeping it for some other time. Do tell me in the comment section below, about your blogging journey or any other passion that you have and how you are following it. And also share this post with your friends. Thanks and take care.

About Author

Ishani Nath, is a full time teacher and a passionate Blogger. She loves to write. With a classic taste in Fashion, a foodie and a bookworm she is happy in her own way. She loves travelling, gain knowledge and spread it to the world. A die hard handloom lover she also loves to adorn anything and everything handmade or handwoven.


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    melaniepartnersinfirecom says:

    I think you have to love blogging if you are gonna stick with it! Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. avatar

      Thanks for reading, Blogging is now my biggest passion, love to share my experiences with the world 🙂

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    Loved reading about your journey. We all have such fascinating stories to tell when it comes to sharing our journeys. May I ask you what is MU blogging coach?

    1. avatar

      Thanks a lot Maam. Actually I was very new to all the technologies behind blogging through my own website. After getting my domain there was so much, I had no idea all out that. So my coach taught me all about Blogging basics.

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      That’s a typing error, Maam it’s ” my blogging coach” .

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