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Hello, lovely readers, sorry for being MIA for so many days, I was really busy with a lot of both personal and official work. Well its better late than never, so here I am with a very easy and interesting recipe for making fish fingers at home. The ingredients I used are as follow:-

 500 grams Basa fish (a  type of cat fish), One and half table spoon corn flour or you can also use refined flour/maida, Half tea spoon turmeric and red chilly powder, salt to taste.

For the outer coating, I pan roasted few slices of bread and then grinded it in the electric Grinder, your perfect bread crumb is ready (Grinding roasted bread make the Bread Crumbs powdery and non-sticky)

Take a pan heat some water and put the pieces of the fish and let it boil for some time, put few drops of lemon juice to it as it shall help to dispel the fishy smell to a great extent. Let the water evaporate completely.  Let it cool down for some time, remove the skin and fish bones if there is any and crumble it with clean hands and keep it aside.

Take one large onion, few green chilies, five to six cloves of garlic and one medium size ginger. Grind all the ingredients and mix it with the crumble fish.

Add one table spoon bread crumbs, one table spoon corm flour, turmeric  red chilly powder and salt  to it.

Mix the entire ingredient nicely with the fish mixture and take small portions or as according to your wish and make finger shapes using your palm.

Take a bowl, break one egg (Though I didn’t use egg as my husband doesn’t like it very much, but adding egg helps in binding with the bread crumbs.) little salt and red chilly powder, dip the fish fingers and then roll it on the bread crumbs.

Heat Oil in a pan and fry the fish fingers in batched till golden brown. Turn it from time to time. And your crispy fried Fish Fingers are ready to devour with some tomato Ketchup and Mayonnaise. Thanks for reading and shall be happy to read your feedback.

Ginger, Garlic, Onion paste
Bread Crumbs
The mixture of fish and other ingredients
Making Finger shapes with the mixture
Ready to eat Fish Fingers

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