Koya Kujiya in Abhayapuri is a very popular picnic spot. Located in the Bongaigaon district of Assam it is basically designed as an eco-park. It is also a very popular picnic spot and a bird-watching zone in Abhayapuri. A well-maintained eco-tourism spot promoted by the Government of Assam, Koya Kujia in Abhayapuri, Bongaigaon remains crowded with huge groups of people mainly during the winter season. People visit this place to soak the winter sun, enjoy the natural beauty of the eco-park and especially enjoy picnic parties with closed ones.

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Picnic season in Assam starts from mid-November and continues till mid-January or Magh Bihu. After that, as the sun gradually gets harsh picnic season comes to an end. Picnic in Assam as I have mentioned in one of my previous posts is quite an elaborate arrangement.

Assam is blessed with many beautiful natural spots which are visited by picnic parties from their respective nearby locations. They take all the arrangements, cook the food outdoors and enjoy eating together. The concept is called “Bon-Bhoj” where bon means forest and bhoj means feasting (Outdoor community feasting). I am sure you have read my post on a picnic at Ukiam with my colleagues. There I have written in detail about this tradition of picnic during the winter season in Assam.

As every year I started looking out for places for a picnic. But due to restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic, the picnic season started off quite late last year. After months of spending lockdown indoors everyone was eager to branch out and soak the winter sun. And what’s best than going for a picnic in one of the picturesque locations around.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic that started last year everything related to travelling has changed. So before planning a trip or journey it’s always advisable to check local restrictions if any.

It was this year in January when I along with my husband and his office colleagues visited Koya Kujiya in Abhayapuri in the Bongaigaon district of Assam. We selected this place as it’s quite nearby and easy to reach. There are quite a lot of things to do and see in koya kujiya.

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Boating at Koya kujiya in Abhayapuri

How to reach Koya Kujiya in Abhyapuri, Bongaigaon Assam

Koya Kujiya is a popular eco-tourism spot located in lower Assam. It’s a huge area with almost around 70 percent of the water body. There are small islands which can be reached on boats. The place is abundant in flora and fauna.

It’s a popular citing ground for birds and a lot of migratory birds visits this place especially during the winter season. Koya Kujiya is approximately 15 km from Bongaigaon town.

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Birds flocking in with the onset of the evening

To reach Koya Kujiya in Abhyapuri you can get buses from Abhyapuri. But the best way is to take your own car or hire one so that you have the flexibility and can spend the entire day in the park. Buses and cars are also available from Bongaigaon.

The place is quite easily accessible from almost all the nearby districts like Barpeta, Nalbari, Bajali in Lower Assam. Mostly picnic parties hire their own buses, cars or traveller bus to visit Koya Kujiya.

The best time to visit is in winter from mid-November to April first week. It can also be visited in the spring season but sometimes due to scorching heat, it becomes unbearable to stay after a few hours.

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Entry Fees and Timing

So there is a small amount to pay for entry tickets to the park. They charge Rs 20 per person and for car parking, a very minimal amount is to be paid. During picnic season you can reach quite early and make yourself comfortable by selecting a suitable spot inside the park.

There is two entry point to the park. Both the points have proper parking places. One way is meant for picnic parties and the other way is for visitors who come to enjoy boating and spend some time inside the park. In some way, this arrangement is quite good.

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You can see the watch-tower at the far end meant for bird watching

Popular Things to do in Koya Kujiya in Abhyapuri

Koya Kujiya in Abhayapuri is a major attraction for all nature lovers and photographers. Surrounded by hills and lush green trees the place presents a beautiful frame. Photography lovers like to visit this place, especially during the winter season. A large number of migratory birds make their way to the eco-park attracting photographers from all over.

Another popular activity is boating. The boats will take you across many islands in the eco-park. They charge Rs 50 per person for boating and mostly they prefer a group of 7-8 people for the same.

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So we reached the spot at around 11.30 am. My husband’s colleagues and their family members had already reached the spot and started making preparations. The area was cleaned and our very own desi “Chulha” or mud burners were made for cooking. The menu was already decided and we took a professional cook with us so that we can use the time exploring the park.

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We went were boating, the weather was perfect and the kids enjoyed it the most. It took around one hour to go round the whole park boating from one island to the other. That was the most entertaining part for me. Watchtowers are constructed inside the park on the highest point of the island for bird watching.

Though we didn’t spot any specific migratory birds. But there were lots of Indian cormorants, egrets, kingfishers, etc. I regret as I didn’t take my zoom lens that day. I wanted to just enjoy the day strolling around in the park.

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By 3:00 pm lunch was almost ready. We started easting in batches, first the kids and then the ladies and at the end all the male members. Most of the work was done by my husband’s colleagues while we rested and enjoyed the blissful weather. By 5:00 pm everyone had their lunch and we started winding up. The place started getting cooler with cold winds blowing.

You can hire the nearby villagers who keep on roaming around in case they are needed for cleaning the area and washing the utensils. Do pay them a small amount of money as a token for their hard work.

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Our cook busy preparing food for us

Please make sure to use the dustbins and not litter the park. Else what is the use of calling it an eco-park? We visit there to enjoy the pure and healthy environment and not destruct it with our petty habits. Also, much care has been taken to avoid creating any kind of sound pollution.

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A beautiful winter sunset from koya kujiya in Abhayapuri

Many picnic parties arrange sound system for the picnic spot for their entertainment purpose. So to avoid noise pollution and not disturb the numerous birds in the park, the park authorities play a piece of common music for everyone’s enjoyment and entertainment.

By the time we departed, it was almost dark and the park was full of sounds made by various birds coming back to their homes. It was a beautiful ambience and a perfect outing I could ever ask for.

#koyakujiyainabhayapuri #abhayapuri #bongaigaon #assampicnicspot #picnicspotinassam + koya kujiya in abhayapuri
In front of a Maa Manasha temple on one of the islands inside the park

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