Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and also known as the “Scotland of the East”. It is one of the most beautiful places I have visited till date. It is just 90km away from Guwahati. Nested in the East Khasi Hills, with its pine trees growing everywhere, the chilling wind, the Churches, the waterfalls, one can find nature in its full bloom.


A Thrilling Roadtrip via Shillong-Jowai bypass

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Almost each one of us at some time or the other have visited Shillong once or many a times or may be some visit it almost every weekend. But just a month ago some of our friends planned a road trip to the Shillong Jowai bypass. I have visited Shillong many times but this trip sounded really fun. We fixed a particular weekend. Since it was a road trip and we are not going to halt at the night but come back home, we decided to take our own car. On Sunday morning at around 7am we got ready early and packed water bottles and some food items to munch on the way. I would like to suggest if you are travelling to Shillong on your personal vehicle you can fuel your tank after you cross Assam because fuel rates are little less in Meghalaya district. On way we stopped for breakfast at the Lake Orchid Resort, Ri-bhoi district Barapani, Meghalaya. Its located on the banks of the Barapani lake, you can enjoy the charm of the lake amidst tall pine trees. We rested there for some time and then started the journey towards Shillong.

The Polo Ground

After reaching Shillong we went to the Polo Grounds, we took pictures and spend quite a lot of time sitting there. Away from the hustle-bustle of the local crowd it was indeed peaceful there. You can also visit the Ward’s Lake since its on the way, we skipped because we have visited Ward’s Lake many times earlier

View from the top of the hill

It was 1pm by then and we were quite hungry, it was drizzling and our taste buds wanted something spicy and hot. We went to Jiva Sizzlers, Police Bazar. They serve quite a long list of delicious sizzlers to select from. After filling our tummy , we did little shopping in the Police Bazar market, since it was Sunday maximum shops were closed. It’s better to visit on weekdays for all shopaholics if you want to dig into some lovely clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and all thing else. It was 3pm, and our wheels rolled on. The Shillong Jowai bypass connects the National Highway 44 with Jowai-Dawki Road. Nicely pitched roads, on both sides stood tall pine trees, terrace cultivation, foggy here and there, since it was raining presented a spectacular view. We stopped in between to enjoy the lovely weather, clicked pictures and captured the serenity of nature in our hearts forever. With the setting sun we drove fast towards Guwahati since it was getting dark.

trying to create a’ jab we met ‘moment

Friends do make such trips more memorable and its only for the company of our friends, that I and my husband could enjoy such an awesome road trip. I would suggest you all to make such road trips because there is lot more to explore in North-East. You can also go for a roadtrip on this road in your motorbike. It shall be a rather different experience. Do write me if you have already been to such a trip. Jowai is also a beautiful place situated in the West Jaintia Hills district of the state of Meghalaya. We are planning to visit it soon and shall write about it in this blog. Thanks for reading this article.So what are you waiting for get ready , pack your bags for an awesome road-trip!!

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    Bhargavi S says:

    Hi.. it’s great to read your blogs. I am planning a visit to Meghalaya and that’s my first visit to northeast as I stay in deep south Chennai. I’m quite confused becoz I chose end of January 2019 weekend for the trip. Know it’s a dry season.. Can u suggest or give some tips to see lush green and stay in a place like that.

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      Meghalaya will be perfect in January. The weather will be good. But regarding other places in Northeast like Arunachal, Sikkim, you may find heavy snowfall. But you can still check out.

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      Also, you can check my blog, I have listed lots of places related to travelling in the Northeast. You can check the category tab on the top of the page.

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