I have heard a lot about Kerala and especially Wayanad, located at a distance of 76km and which is famous for its greenery and how one must visit to enjoy its pleasant view. But, no one gets a chance to do in a back to back trip. Wayanad wasn’t what I was really excepting it to be. I mean today before people travel they check a lot of information and videos on Instagram and Facebook which shows photos of these places in the recommendation and on that basis people see what to expect from that place and have a destination ticked off from the place of a visit just on that.

Nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats Wayanad is famous for its enchanting tea estates, lush green forests and wildlife. One great thing for me is both the time I have visited this place I have trekked through forest path enjoying nature and wildlife with it. Once from Bandipur side the other from Nagarhole side and boy did Nagahole scare me with its dense forests and ongoing winding roads deep inside the forest. Wayanad provides numerous adventurous sports, routes for trekking for adventure lovers to explore. 

interesting things to do in wayanad . Places to visit in Kerala. what to do in wayanad. #wayanad #kerala
Lush Green tea gardens of Wayanad

Wayanad is also abundant in wildlife of which deer, elephants, peacocks and langur are in plenty since they reside there.  When reached Wayanad looks like many other cities but it is only a bit inside that you are welcomed with many decorative tea estates. The tea estates present a spectacular site. I was lucky enough to get lost in one of the tea estate walks and I was making mere of it instead of flipping out. I did manage to spot and catch a crab. Did an insane amount of Tea estate photography.

Interesting things to do in wayanad . Places to visit in Kerala. what to do in wayanad. #wayanad #kerala

Of course, I did bump into some friends who were out there doing a film shoot and with them, we ended up going to the falls, highest road point where we could see down the valley. Another tea estate and Edakkal Caves.

interesting things to do in wayanad . Places to visit in Kerala. what to do in wayanad. #wayanad #kerala

I was so drowned after climbing the caves, at one point it was like ‘Hurray’ more photographs and the other it was like ‘WTF’ why did I climb so far. Oops, I also forgot we brave souls also managed to walk into the jungle path where we saw how the urban destruction catching up to wildlife and its home. A Freaking resort right inside the heart of the jungle…like seriously what is the forest department doing.


interesting things to do in wayanad . Places to visit in Kerala. what to do in wayanad. #wayanad #kerala

One glorious thing that kept us going was rains she was on us 24/7 and making the place look green with many flowering colours and the pleasant smell of nature.I wish to go and stay in a spot like this forever but knowing how the world population is exploding I wouldn’t be surprised if this article is off the past.

P.S. – “All Photos Taken by Josh”





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interesting things to do in wayanad . Places to visit in Kerala. what to do in wayanad. #wayanad #kerala

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    I myself too have heard a lot about this beautiful place. I have a friend from Kerala who told me how mesmerizingly amazing this place is…
    These photographs are tempting enough to make me visit here…

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    Wayanad is a beautiful place, been there twice…..
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    This is wonderful and fantastic city in Wayanad. This Post is really very informative….it helped a lot…thanks

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