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Shopping, for me, is one of the most exciting parts of any place I visit. I love to explore the local market because that is the place where we can interact with the local people of that particular place. We get to know about their lifestyle, the way of living and can communicate a lot. Communication is what I like the most, especially when I travelling with a tour guide or travelling as a typical tourist. Fixed places to visit, fixed sightseeing, so where is the space for interaction/ communication? The local market is the best thing that comes into play when you are looking for some local interaction. In Thimpu, the handicraft market was more of a sightseeing rather than shopping for me. You will get to know the reasons very soon.

Thimpu Handicraft Market - A Complete Shopping Guide
The beautiful market with the backdrop gave a pleasant shopping experience

We just had a day in our hand to explore all around Thimpu as our itinerary was very short, just four days. Our driver cum guide was quite confident and asked us to remain cool as a day is enough to explore around Thimpu. After visiting the Buddha Statue, The National Memorial Chhorten, and the Royal Takin Reserve it was almost lunchtime and I was hungry like anything.

#thimpu shoppingguide #thimpu #handicraftsmarket
The huge market with an array of shops

So the driver took us to the place where The Thimpu Handicraft market is situated. We had lunch in a restaurant on the back side of the market, meanwhile our driver cum guide went to get our passes for the next day’s visit to Haa valley and Chele la Pass. So rather than spending our time in the Tourism office since our driver was helpful, he asked us to explore the market. We had 2-3 hours in our hand because the next stop was the Heritage Museum and The Tashichho Dzong which opens for visitors at 5.30pm.

Thimpu handicrafts market, Bhutan Travel guide,
Dreamcatchers, well who doesn’t like them!

For exploring such a huge market we need fuel, so we charged ourselves with some Bhutanese peach wine Zumzin and some good food. It was a long market, a market arranged in an array of beautiful small shops with various kinds of handmade/handcrafted items.

Thimpu Handicraft Market- A complete shopping guide

The shops sold almost similar kinds of stuff. In some of the shops, there were ladies or men who were busy stitching or weaving the items like a mat, wristbands, bags, etc. But they became very conscious when I went nearby to take a click, maybe they were not tourist friendly. Some shops asked me not to take photographs. So please take prior permission before clicking any pictures.

#thimpushoppingguide #bhutandiaries #bhutantravelguide
All kinds of decorative items were available

We started in the middle. There were beautiful sling bags, handbags, laptop sleeves, pencil bags, purses, clutches, etc. Some were made of yak fur and some machine made. The ones made of yak fur will catch your fancy first and they are set at sky-rocket prices. A small sling bag cost Nu 700. Which was way too much. The handbags cost Nu 2000 which was again too much seeing the size of the handbag.

bhutan shopping guide, thimpu, handicrafts market,
Sling bags, backpacks, handbags of various designs and I wished to buy them all!

I think they should have kept the prices little bit reasonable for Indian tourists. The bad thing they did not entertain bargaining, all items set at fixed prices. After exploring the whole market, I finally found a shop with some reasonable price and bought some purses, pen bags, key chains, magnets, postcards, etc. as a token from Bhutan. There were beautiful masks which I wanted to buy but the prices were so high, later I bought a small one from the market in Paro.

Thimpu handicraft market, Bhutan Travel guide, Bhutan market, Bhutan shopping guide
Magnets ranging from Nu 50 to Nu 250

After exploring just, the half of the market, we were so tired and hungry yet again. There is a small tea shop in between the market where we had some Capsicum fritters and a cup of hot tea. Then the shopping began with full fervour. The experience was enthralling for a shopaholic like me. Thanks to my husband for keeping so much patience during the whole shopping time. Well, I gifted him a wallet as a token of love for bringing to this beautiful country.

Bhutan Handicraft market, Thimpu Handicraft market, Bhutan shopping guide

Since we had to visit the Dzong our driver cum guide said we can do some more shopping in the local market in Paro. I thought it’s a good idea, I can get to explore the market and keep a little bit of remaining for next day. In Paro, what I found was shocking indeed. The market was very expensive, a clutch that cost me Nu 250 in Thimpu was priced at Nu 350, it was a sharp increase by Nu 100, which I found quite shocking!

Bhutan shopping guide, Thimpu Handicraft market , Bhutan travel guide
Handmade wristbands!

Due to the Paro International Airport, all international tourists hang out more in Paro and thus I think the prices of food and other stuff are very high comparative to Thimpu. So if you are intending on buying chunky pieces of jewellery, buy all that from the street shops on the base camp of The Tiger’sNest Monastery. They are almost same stuff if you are not that bothered with quality. It is up to you how much you want to invest. They don’t give any discounts and also no bargaining. The handmade incense sticks, soaps, essential oils are little bit reasonably priced, so you can buy a few.

Bhutan shopping guide, Thimpu Handicraft market , Bhutan travel guide

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind while shopping in Thimpu Handicrafts Market

  • If you intend to do a little bit of shopping and you are a handicraft fan, then carry a lot of cash, they don’t accept cards.
  • For gifts, if you are searching for reasonable items key chains, waistbands, purses, wallets, magnets, clutches, pen-bags will be the best deal. They will come under Nu 50- 400. Bhutanese currency rate is similar to Indian Rupees. 
  • They don’t entertain bargaining but what’s the harm in trying? You may end up with a good deal.
  • Carry a bag, water bottle, some dry food, wear comfortable shoes as the market is quite big and we may need to walk a lot. Also, carry an umbrella or raincoat as you may not know when it would start to rain.
  • Do not take photographs without their permission. Some may not like it.
  • If you have a day or two in Thimpu in your itinerary, which I am sure you have tried to do the shopping stuff in the Thimpu market as the market in Paro is very expensive.
  • Same kinds of stuff available in Paro market is half the price in Thimpu. As I have visited both I did a small comparison. Why pay more when you are getting something in a less price?


That was all, hope you had read my other two posts on Bhutan. If you haven’t yet, then I am providing the links in the middle of this post. Go get a look. Plan your trip and let me know how it was? Take care.

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    Nice Write up. And while i was reading scrolling your pages, it was really eye-pleasing. The colourful movement that took place through the page was very amusing. well, prepared guidance too. Keep up the good work

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    Your blog is very nice! I like how detailed you were about your shopping experience, it made me feel like I was there.

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      Your words made my day. Thanks 🙂

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    Wonderful post with beautiful pics. Each post on Bhutan fascinates me because I have spent my childhood in Bhutan.

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      You are really lucky to have spent your childhood in such a lovely country. Thanks for the appreciation.

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    Summer Mitch Ryan says:

    The same here, shopping for souvenirs and stuff for the kids to use and enjoy. This is really a nice place to go. Hope you include the prices of some of the souvenirs.

    1. avatar

      Thanks For pointing out about the prices, I have mentioned some, will update others. Thanks a lot.

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    Thank you for your tips because I do not really like this but your post made it seem easier.

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    I always believe that handicraft is made beyond talent, it has passion as well. Beautiful handicrafts.

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    When we were Backpacking North East India, we made a very short trip to Bhutan and were tempted to divert our trip to cover the country! Haha! Thanks for this post Ishani. Would love to go back and spend more time and Thimpu Handicrafts Market seems to be a perfect place for shopping!

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    I love shopping and I love local market. This seems a beautiful city, I wish I will go there some day

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    I like the Dreamcatchers, and also I like their market is very local and creative 🙂

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    Bunmies healthy choices says:

    You’re right, shopping while on a trip gives me the chance to interact with the people and I also tend to learn more. Great pictures and great post!

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    Awesome shopping guide. This is super cool.

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    Vy Nguyen says:

    so colorful. I love those bags.

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    What a colorful and vibrant market. Best for handicraft lovers

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    I love handicraft gifts! I wouldn’t mind traveling to Bhutan so I can shop at Thimpu Handicrafts Market,

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    Beautiful and colorful pictures. I love checking out local handicrafts when I visit India

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    These hand crafted gifts look really cool and unique. The pictures look amazing! =D

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