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Thimpu Handicraft Market – A Complete Shopping Guide

Shopping, for me, is one of the most exciting parts of any place I visit. I love to explore the local market because that is the place where we can interact with the local people of that particular place. We get to know about their lifestyle, the way of living and can communicate a lot. …

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5 Tips For Smart Shopping

We women love to shop! No doubt we crack better deals than men every time! We are unbeatable in this field. Whenever happy or sad or stressed or overjoyed they take a break and shop. In short, shopping is the ultimate weapon to uplift the mood of any woman. Sometimes, there’s a guilty conscience after …

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Ultimate Guide To Shopping In Pondicherry

There goes a popular saying that shopping is the best therapy. Who in this world doesn’t love to shop and specially when we visit a new place we love to explore the local market, buy a thing or two, take gifts and momentous for our loved one back home. So I have been visiting Pondicherry …