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We women love to shop! No doubt we crack better deals than men every time! We are unbeatable in this field. Whenever happy or sad or stressed or overjoyed they take a break and shop. In short, shopping is the ultimate weapon to uplift the mood of any woman. Sometimes, there’s a guilty conscience after giving your senses the pleasure of shopping.


Here are 5 Tips to Enhance Your Shopping Experience:

1. Don’t Shop Till You Drop!

Even though it sounds very cool to all women to ‘shop till you drop’ but actually it’s a very uncool idea! When you keep shopping even after being tired, your mind actually stops working wanting a break. So, what you should be doing is take breaks while shopping. Eat your favourite ice-cream or drink a cup of coffee whatever you like in between exploring various stores. This will cheer you up and also give you energy for more shopping!

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2. Make a Wishlist

While you are going out for your most favourite adventure i.e. shopping you should try to decide and jot down a list of the things that you actually need. It can be a pair of boots for your winter wardrobe or goggles for summer collection or even your daily needs items like grocery. Preparing a list will check you from buying unnecessary and useless items. You will remain within your budget and still find fulfilment in the things you bring home!

3. Try Offline, Buy Online

In today’s time when online shopping sites offer everything, we need from apparel, footwear, cosmetics and lingerie to daily need basics like stationery we have a great scope of saving our valuable money. So, to avail discounts on things we love it’s great if we go to malls for an outing and try on clothes, shoes or make-up things we liked online. After the trial, if you really wish to buy the thing, purchase it online on discount! Don’t bother about what and how the storekeeper would feel. You aren’t wrong if you are more interested in saving your hard-earned money!

#shopping #shoppingtips #lifestyleblogger #guwahatiblogger

4. Take Your Best Buddy instead of Hubby

Shopping is extremely satisfying n pure fun for the women. But it’s quite an opposite experience for the men. So, to make it a joyful experience for both, it’s an amazing idea if a woman takes her female friend to accompany her. This will be a break for the hubby or boyfriend and they too will enjoy their lone time! In fact, they will be grateful to you! You too will get someone who can Really help you in choosing an outfit or a lip-colour that suits you.

5. Stick to Your Budget

This is the most difficult thing to do for all women. Even I break this rule many times. But it only makes me guilty later on when I think how I unconsciously exceeded my budget. So, to make shopping really fun and be completely guilt-free sticking to one’s budget is highly recommended. Instead of choosing to buy big from well-known fashion brands (which could prove to be expensive), think of opting for a new route and affordable ethical brands that can help you save money as well as bring in a bit of conscious shopping into the picture. This could boost your confidence and make you feel good about buying only the necessary things from ethical brands!

#shopping #shoppingtips #lifestyleblogger #guwahatiblogger

Hope you all find these tips useful in your next shopping spree! So, get, set and shop!

This is a Guest post authored by Deeksha Tripathi, a blogger from India. She is a teacher, mom of a toddler and owner of where she writes inspirational stories of real women who have made a difference to the world.

#shopping #shoppingtips #lifestyleblogger #guwahatiblogger
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