Hello Friends, first of all, WISH ALL OF YOU A VERY HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS I hope you must be busy with all those last minute preparations. This Christmas, I had nothing much to do. Just planning a small getaway with my Mister, though the place is not yet decided yet. Since the wedding season is also going on, I did a lot of shopping, there were also huge discounts in some of my favourite online shopping sites. Also its raining Christmas sale here in all major outlets. I am not that much of a make-up person, but still, I buy the necessary items required for a party look. Who doesn’t like to look pretty! But on daily wear basis, some eye-liner, mascara, lipstick and a little pressed-powder is all that I need. A few years back, I also used to do some product reviews/DIY tutorials/fashion related article for various leading makeup blogs. But that was a long time back. But I enjoyed doing that, sharing experiences with people globally. I have decided I shall also try to put up some post which you may find useful.

Now coming to this post I have decided to show you all my not-so-huge make up haul. Some I picked online, I shall share the website links and some I purchased from a local store here in Guwahati, will share the names. Here it goes:-

I always needed a primer, after seeing many makeup tutorials and product reviews, I finally bought this LOREAL PARIS BaseMagique Transforming Smoothing Primer. It works like magic, for amateurs like me this is the best product, it also suits the budget. I bought it at a discounted price from Amazon. 

I also purchased 15 Colors Contour Concealer Palette from online shopping site  Amazon, the kit also contains a Cream Powder Makeup Brush and a puff. I have used it a couple of times and it works just perfectly. The palette does not have a name, well you can check the link HERE

During the Winter season, my skin really becomes dry, I am sure most of you all like me, cannot go out without proper body lotion. I also like to experiment a lot so this time I purchased The Body Shop MORINGA Softening Body Milk. It is very soothing and keeps my skin soft throughout the whole day. Most of the products from The Body Shop are really worth buying. I purchased it from a store so no discounts. In Guwahati, if you need The Body Shop products, you can visit Sohum Emporium, they have a huge stock!

I already said I like to experiment, I also bought Blossom Kochar’s Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion. I have used other products from the Aroma Magic range, but haven’t used it earlier. Its really soothing for the winters, mild and not that greasy. I bought it from the wholesale market. If you are staying in Guwahati visit Haque Market (Ist Floor) in Fancy Bazar for all kind of beauty products, there are lots of shops and all of them deals with beauty related products, some of them also give discounts and most of the shops accept payment through your debit/credit cards, paytm wallet etc.

Last I also bought  Gatsby Set and Keep spray from the same wholesale shop. Also got a 10% discount. Original price is Rs200. I have used it two times, its pretty good. I have seen many hair stylists use this product. It is also available online in sites like eBay.in, amazon.in and also at a discounted price. You can buy HERE.

That was all for today. Hope you liked reading all about my haul. Do tell me if you need a detailed review about any of them, I can do it for my readers. Comment here or send me an email and tell me how you liked it. Till then take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS once again.

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