Hello friends, I am back in action after many days. Hope you have read my previous post on A beautiful evening I spent in The Princep Ghat in Kolkata. It is one of the most recommended places that you must explore when in Kolkata. Now you must have seen that most of my blog posts are about Kolkata these days. The reason is that I am travelling frequently there as it is the place where my husband is currently posted and also I am not leaving a single chance to explore the City of Joy. In these past few months, I have developed a connection, an attachment with the city so strong that I feel the bond is not new but its there since ages.

Kolkata is a city famous for its culture, tradition and food. And along with these three, the one thing for which Kolkata is also famous is for shopping. Yes, it is a shopping lovers’ paradise. You can find so many things from clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, gold jewellery, household goods, electronics, bags, kitchen essentials, and what not. And also you get them at a very pocket-friendly price. There are many whole-sellers from where you can purchase goods and start your own home business. I personally love to shop and Kolkata is now my top favourite place for shopping. So, for your convenience here I am listing top five places where you can shop till you drop in Kolkata.


This place definitely tops the list when it comes to shopping. The nearest Metro Station to reach New Market is ESPLANADE. If you are in Park Street, you can also reach New Market on foot or hiring a cab as both the places are nearby. In New Market, there is a complex known as Hogg’s Market. The best thing to buy in Hogg’s Market is Silver jewellery, dress material, Phulkari Dupattas, bags, decorative items, Western outfit. There are some saree shops too but I have found the prices are little more and also there is not much variety. This is absolutely my own personal view. The street shops in New Market area is very good for buying fabric bags, fashionable bags, soft toys but I would say to refrain from buying electronic items from the streets. I love jewelry so I usually buy all of my necklaces from here, or online on websites like goldpalace.com. The underground AC Market also known as Simpark Mall is also very famous for buying western outfits, shoes, accessories, trendy men’s wear, ethnic wear. But the market is a little expensive if compared to Hogg’s Market. Moreover most of the shops do not entertain bargaining, still, you need to try all your best. I would like to recommend buying Silver Jewellery, Junk Jewellery from Streets, Phulkari Dupatta, Dress Material and Bags.

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This is probably one of the largest markets in Kolkata. If you are planning to visit this market make you must keep in mind that it is not possible to explore the whole market in a single day. At least two to three days are required. The easiest way to reach the market is to take a metro and reach or you can also know about the bus route and reach Rash Behari Avenue where the market is located. There is two stretch of parallel market lying on both sides of the road. The market stretch is huge and you get possibly anything and everything you want. From household goods to footwear, bags, home decor items, frames, artificial jewellery, sarees, kurtas, tops and what not. The list is never-ending, you name it and you get it in the Gariahat Market. It is basically one of the largest street markets but there are also shops which you must explore. While shopping you must try the momos and hot tea sold on the roadside shop. They taste delicious.


Yet another shopping destination for street shopping lovers is the Hatibagan market. It is another huge are to be covered in a single day, at least you need 2-3 days if you want to explore in a single day. You can buy lots of stuff like junk jewellery, bedsheets, outfits both western and ethnic, bags, shoes, beautiful bangles, kitchen essentials, household items, home decors, etc. If you have just Rs 1000, in your hand I can assure you can buy a lot of things but you need to bargain like crazy. Don’t get ashamed keep bargain. The street where the stalls are located is a little bit congested, at times you may feel suffocated, which is absolutely my personal opinion.

where to do shopping in Kolkata + shopping in kolkata + street markets in kolkata + kolkata shopping guide
All these Terracotta earings were only for Rs10. in Hatibagan Market.
where to do shopping in Kolkata + shopping in kolkata + street markets in kolkata + kolkata shopping guide
Handcrafted cushion covers and other items


Located at Gariahat Road in Dhakuria near the flyover, the Dakshinapan Shopping complex is yet another destination for those seeking to buy ethnic products, handmade items and crafts. This is one place you will find products from all over states of India in one place. The Dakshinapan market is also very famous for buying beautiful, trendy kurtas. You will find the latest designs and patterns. Prices are very pocket-friendly starting from Rs 250- Rs 300. This place is also popular for buying Dokra jewellery, terracotta jewellery and other handcrafted items. Dakshinapan is also famous for Dolly’s Tea shop don’t forget to spend some time there. It is a 20 years old tea shop, and Dolly the owner has an experience of over 40years as a tea taster. The market remains closed on Sunday.

where to do shopping in Kolkata + shopping in kolkata + street markets in kolkata + kolkata shopping guide


Bara Bazar is one huge wholesale market in Kolkata. It’s so huge and confusing that I almost lost my way. It can be a little difficult to explore the market if you are new in Kolkata. This is basically a wholesale market selling all kinds of items that you can see in the market. It is definitely not easy to browse through the whole market thus I suggest you visit with someone who is acquainted with the market. If you want to start your own home business or you want to open a retail shop, Bara Bazar is your place to get your items. You get to buy stuff as cheap as Rs10-50. The market is located adjacent to Howrah Bridge and remains closed on Sunday. Carry some amount of cash with you as most of the shops accept payment via cash. Most of the shops in Kolkata and other places around the city source their raw materials from Bara Bazar in Kolkata.

Along with the above list, I would also like to include some important points that will be really helpful to you while you go shopping in these markets-

1. Carry a lot of cash as most of the street shops don’t have any electronic mode of payment and they accept only cash.

2. Keep some change handy as it will be helpful while you bargain. As most of the shopkeepers don’t bargain saying they don’t have change.

3. Wear comfortable footwear, preferably flats as you need to walk a lot, exploring the market.

4. Carry a water bottle with you.

5. Wear comfortable clothes as you may need to spend the whole day shopping.

6. Be patient, if you see a particular shopkeeper isn’t ready to bargain than you can proceed further as most of the shops sell similar stuff. You need not regret if you didn’t get a particular item at a desired price there are lots of more option way ahead.

7. Do not show too much excitement on seeing a particular item that you liked very much as chances are that the shopkeepers will either increase the price of seeing your excitement or they may not entertain bargain.

8. There will be lots of items at an exceptional cheaper rate, so buy cautiously and buy only those things you need. I often end up buying stuff I don’t require and later I regret. So let this not happen to you.

So hope you like this post. Read, give your comments and also share with your shopaholic friends and loved ones. Thanks and see you soon with another interesting post.

where to do shopping in Kolkata + shopping in kolkata + street markets in kolkata + kolkata shopping guide


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    Very nice, can relate with tis post for having the experience.

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      Thanks a lot.

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    Rajat Kumar says:

    I have spent almost a decade in Delhi NCR. I have explored Jaipur at times. After these two cities, I imagine myself wandering in the streets of Lucknow and Kolkata. I have dreamt to spending some part of my life in this culturally rich city. My inclination towards arts and culture and the vibes of this city are in love with each other.

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      Then both the places are meant for you. You must make a trip. I have lots of places covered on Kolkata in my blog. Do have a look. Thanks a lot

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        Rajat Kumar says:

        Kolkata is just my favorite culturally rich city.

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