This is my first post here, I simply love to visit places and also love to share my experiences. I decided to contribute my experience of visiting The Longest Bridge in India- Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Setu, also popularly known as The Dhola Sadia Bridge in Assam in Buoyant Lifestyles.

An Exciting Journey to The Longest Bridge in India

It was one of the most awaited trip. Since the day it was inaugurated I had planned quite a few times but each time I could visit due to some problem or the other. But finally the day came and I could visit to see this amazing structure. 
Dhola Sadiya ,the massive 9.15 km  bridge over the river Lohit which is also a tributary of mighty river Brahmaputra and has become the most popular place to visit in Northeast India. It was a clear morning when we started our journey, the thrill was doubled when we spotted a rainbow and the light breeze was altogether casting a spell. The bridge looked massive and the clear waters of the river below made everything look pristine.

The Longest Bridge in India
A Beautiful Rainbow

Well this bridge holds great importance as far as the communication system is concerned between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. I would also like to share some details about this marvelous man made construction which I have collected from the internet and also from local newspapers.

Some Important Facts about The Longest Bridge in India

26th May, 2017 will always remain a memorable date in the history of Assam. For on this date Honourable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi inaugurated, the Longest Bridge in India, The Bhupen Hazarika Setu, also referred to as the Dhola Sadiya Bridge. The bridge is named after renowned music composer, singer, poet, actor, author, film maker of the highest repute of Assam Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika who was born in Sadiya.

Spanning 9.15km, built across the Lohit river is the India’s Longest bridge in India. Lohit river is a tributary of the mighty river Brahmaputra. This bridge connects Assam and eastern Arunachal Pradesh. The bidge connects Sadia town in the Tinsukia district, the most developed district of Upper Assam with Dhola village. The bridge has reduced the travel time between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

A view of the Dhola Sadia Bridge

Before the bridge was constructed people living in Sadia had to take the ferry to reach Dhola and than other parts of Assam. So, now it has become very easy for people of Assam to communicate easily. It has become a ‘lifeline’ for the locals. It shall also boost the economy of the remotest places in Arunachal, as tourist will be able to visit Roing, Mayodia, Dong. Mayodia is a pass  where you can witness snowfall during winters and it is said that the sun rises earliest in Dong at 3am. All these are enough to boost the tourism industry there. I am so eager to visit Arunachal and unleash its natural beauty. There are many places which we cannot visit due to poor connectivity but now I am sure It’s going to be a great opportunity for travel lovers to visit the beauty valleys explore Arunachal at its best. The bridge also has great advantage for the Indian Army, as they can have access to the remotest part of the Chinese Border. 

Everyday lots of tourists from near and far corners of our country are visiting to witness the Longest bridge in India. It is indeed a great architectural achievement of our country and I wish to visit it once again.


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