Hello dear readers, it’s a long pending post. My friends has been continuously asking me to put all details about my trip to the Andamans. So here I am, its better late than never. We stayed there foe one week, it was one hell of a trip, we had to cover so much as time was less in hand and we had to visit as many islands we can. There are lots of activities to do here in Andaman. From scuba diving to sea bed walking to snorkeling to parasailing you will end up making memories of a lifestime. Out of 1200 islands only 36 are inhabitated. If you are a food lover, you can enjoy some tasty sea food and soak in the sun. The beaches are pristine and marvelous, each beaches differ from one other, you just can’t miss anyone. So here are 10 interesting things to do and to see which are recommended by me and you must try out on the things while your stay in Andaman. Get ready to explore this adventure island.

10 Interesting Things To Do In Andamans

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#1.Sound and Light Show at the Cellular Jail

So we all know the famous Cellular Jail also known Kala Pani, in Port Blair. The prison was used by the British during its rule in India. They used all kinds of cruelty to torture the prisoners. The Jail is now maintained by the government and opened for visitors on all working days except Monday. After walking around the jail and the museum do not leave the campus without watching the sound and light show in the evening as that’s the most exciting part. The Hindi show starts from 6.pm to 7pm on Tuesday, Thrusday, Saturday and Sunday. For the English show you need to wait till 7.15 pm. Tears will roll down your eyes as various artists with their vocal sounds enact their life as prisoners of the jail and you can feel the pain, the torture inflicted upon them during their imprisonment in the jail, the voice of Late Om Puri makes it all the more intense and gave me goosebumps. It’s something we Indians must experience so that we may understand how our country attained Independence and what price the revolutionaries must have paid. Trip to the Andamans and the Cellular jail remains incomplete without attending the light and sound show.

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The Cellular Jail

#2. Asia’s Biggest and Oldest Saw Mill- The Chatham Saw Mill

There is much more about Andamans other than beaches and water sports. The Chatham Saw Mill set up by the British in the year 1883, located at the Chatham island is a popular tourist destination. The moment you enter there you can see huge logs of woods, they also give a demonstration as how the mill works, how the woods are cut and moulded in various sizes. It is also dates back to the time of the second world war when the Japanese were throwing bombs and the mill was destroyed as a bomb hit it directly. The mill started functioning again in 1946. There are various bunkers inside the mill and the authorities have also marked the area where the bomb got blasted. Thrilling isn’t it!

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The Chatham Saw Mill

#3. Natural Bridge

So the special attraction of visiting Andamans is the visit to Neil Island, a true honeymoon destination as well as perfect place for those who love sea adventures. The pristine blue water, the serene atmosphere, blue sky Neil Island is indeed a paradise itself on earth. When in Neil Island, a visit to the naturally formed bridge like shaped rock also called as Howrah Bridge by the Bengalis who settled there. The bridge is massive and marvelous creation of nature. The best time to see the bridge from a close proximity is during the low tide. You have to walk around half an hour to reach the spot so don’t forget to carry your umbrella and water bottle.

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The Natural Bridge

#4 Sea Bed Walking at Havelock Islands

Water sports lovers, Havelock Islands is just the right place for you. There are small motor boats which will take you to Havelock Islands. There are lots of counter which organizes sea bed walking, snorkeling, banana boat ride, etc. You need not know how to swim to do this activity. Go beneath the sea, walk on the sea bed trying to balance every footstep, there will be divers with you who will be your guide, they shall hand you some fish food and there you can see bright colored fishes from all over comes to feed from your hands, that’s a wonderful feel. And yes if you are trying to find Nemo, you won’t be disappointed as you will see lots of them. Just go for this exciting adventure in your trip to the Andamans

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Geared up for Sea Bed Walking
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The marine life

#5. Scuba Diving

It’s is another thrilling yet exciting water sports Andaman is famous for. There is a prior training before you dive into the water. Get ready to experience the marine life in the sea. The corals, fishes, varieties of sea creatures, etc makes The Andamans the most fascinating destination for scuba diving. A professional diver will accompany you, he will help you take photographs of the marine life as you can move about freely with him and need not bother about a waterproof camera.

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Experience Scuba Diving

#6. Snorkelling at Jolly Buoy Island

Snorkelling is available at almost every beaches, But I think Jolly Bouy island is best for snorkeling because of its pristine clear water and high variety of corals. It is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi National Park. At Jolly Bouy you can see corals-red, blue, sponge corals, some are color changing ones if you tough them, star fish and a huge variety of marine life. Other destinations for snorkeling are the Havelock islands, Neil Islands, Port Blair. You could also find tour packages similar to Everyday California snorkeling tours or similar others, if you’re serious about learning this sport.

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#7 Glass Bottom Boats

You get to ride a lot of boats, ships, cruises, while you are in Andaman as that is the only way to communicate from island to the other. But of all these boats the most interesting one I found was the glass bottom boat, for a sum of Rs500, you can sit in these boats and they will take you for a ride where you can see the marine life through the bottom transparent glasses. The view through the glass bottom is similar to the view through a diving mask, it’s much better than looking in the water simply from above. These activities shall make your trip to the Andamans most exciting, isn’t it!

#8 Cold Mud Volcano at Baratang Islands

You must have heard about Volcanoes from where hot boiling lava comes out, but what about a volcanic eruption from where only cold mud flows that you can touch with your hands. To experience such a mud volcano do visit Baratang Islands. Baratang contains the only examples of mud volcanoes in India which are believed to have been associated with the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and I am sure you cannot miss this one once you are in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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Cold mud flowing down

#9 Limestone Caves of Baratang Island

You cannot just miss the limestone caves in the Baratang islands. Enjoy a breathtaking boat ride across the mangroves which will take you to the point from where you need to trek througha village and also a forest to reach the limestone cave. Made up of the mineral Calcium Carbonate (calcite) the cave has formed beautiful and amazing structures naturally.

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Limestone Cave

#10 Sunset at the Radhanagar Beach

And last of all that’s the most obvious and fun part of the Andaman is its beaches. Watch the sun set at the Radhanagar Beach, it will leave behind memories for a life time. The Radhanagar Beach is Asia’s Best Beach and indeed it is with the soft white sand, clear water, lush green palm trees and dense forest all around. You can go for a walk along the beach or simply lie down and enjoy the sunset and fall in love with the nature as it changes its color from blue to red within hours just with the sun preparing to set. It’s the best sunset I have ever seen and trust me you are going to love it.

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Wonderful Sunsets to experience for a lifetime
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