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How to style a Kalamkari Saree

Hello Lovely Readers,

Hope you are fine and in good health and spirit. As you all know I am not traveling much these days due to too much of work load and most of all, no more holidays coming our way with all the major festivals just got over last month. As you guys know I am too much of a fashion enthusiast and wear every trend with pleasure and most of all trends the sari never fails to enchant me.This post is about my love for Sarees and How I styled a Kalamkari Saree.

It is an identity of every Indian woman. We just love to drape the six yards whether be it a marriage party, a function, an event, or everyday for no reason at all. I have seen my mother wearing it, my grand mom and possibly it needs no more introductions as we all have seen our mother, grandmothers, wearing it gracefully. Moreover Sari is my everyday outfit to work. I am a teacher and we are encouraged to follow the tradition, so I have to wear a sari to work everyday.

Mostly I wear easy to wear mulmul cotton, taant, handloom saris, soft chiffons, georgetts etc to work. I have a not-so-huge but a decent collection of saris. Also I literally raided my mom’s wordrobe. She was a teacher too and have an enviable collection of saris. Someday I shall post a collection of all the lovely saris I have.

Coming to this post I have decided to this festive season, I wore sari on almost all occasions, here is a Kalamkari Saree that I draped. Its really comfortable, light weighted and I paired it with a crop top. It really gets monotonous sometimes to wear the same cut blouses with sari everyday, so for a change I draped it with a crop top and I am amazed how much my friends appreciated this look when I posted a picture in my facebook page. Know more details about this Kalamkari print HERE

I bought this saree from Pondicherry on my last visit in the month of july. There is a huge store Pothys, they have a jaw-dropping collection of sari of all possible range that you have in your budget. I bought around 12 sarees !! will someday show them to you all.

I am also an ardent lover of junk jewelleries, I purchased this earring from an instagram seller, the name of the page is Desisudh. She has lots of junk jewelries and the neck piece I don’t remember, I bought quite long back also from a Facebook seller. Well sharing some picture, hope you like them. Take care till my next post which is coming quite soon.





#kalamkarisaree #cottonsaree #stylingasaree

#kalamkarisaree #stylingasaree #cottonsaree

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