The season is changing and this is the time of the year when all we want is come outdoors and soak some heat. Winters are already here, but still we are having quite a lot of heat in the noon here in Guwahati. On Sunday either we want to snuggle whole day on our warm cozy days, or just enjoy chatting over a hot cup of coffee or tea with our family or friends.

Sunday or weekends are very special for us, whole week we remain busy with our daily life, our work, job, our myriad ramblings and almost everything. So I took out some time and went for a long drive to the chandubi lake near Guwahati.

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A little history behind the Chandubi Lake

Last week we took a break and went out for a long drive to visit one of the most famous lakes in Assam, The Chandubi Lake. There is an interesting history behind this lake. During 1897 Assam was shaken by an earthquake that measured 8.3 magnitudes in the rector scale.

Amidst the huge destruction, a forest got destroyed and went down and in its place came up a lake. That was the Chandubi Lake, a marvellous creation of Nature.

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The Chandubi Lake is located 64kms from Guwahati. You can reach there by booking cabs or take your own vehicle. Cabs are easily available but make sure you book them for the day as there is no proper communication available.


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It is also a very famous picnic spot and remains crowded from mid-December to mid-January.During the picnic season the nearby places remains crowded with young boys and girls from schools and colleges.

chandubilake #boatinginchandubilake #guwahati #awesomeassam
Soaking some winter sun

The various schools and colleges near Guwahati generally take their students for excursions or picnic in this spot. Also one reason that the Chandubi Lake has historical importance.

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How to reach the Chandubi Lake

To reach the Chandubi Lake you need to go towards Gauhati Airport and keep on moving straight till you reach Mirza Chariali. From the traffic police point take left turn and keep going , you shall cross Barihat than Loharghat.

It’s  a one way road with no further turnings, keep going at the end the last stretch is a reserve forest area, you may find it deserted but its safe, just be careful of animals as sometimes they may cross the roads but that’s a rare sight and it shall take you to the lake area.

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Also make sure you take your own food as there are no food provisions in the entire area and even many kilometres ahead you may not spot a single decent restaurant or dhaba and also take sufficient amount of drinking water if you are accompanied by kids. 

There are no proper lodging facilities nearby the Chandubi lake  except one or two government lodges, so I would suggest booking a hotel in Guwahati.


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The journey towards Chandubi Lake is indeed ecstatic, with paddy fields on both sides of the roads, lush green tea-gardens spreading across acres of land and also few villages. Its a pleasant getaway from the dust, dirt, noise, pollution and daily hustle bustle of a city life.

After reaching there the boatman shall approach you himself for renting boats. Just don’t forget to bargain as he may charge you high. We hired a boat for Rs100, he covered a huge area of the lake and also took us to the eco-camp on the other side of the lake for which Chandubi Lake is also famous among tourist. But I haven’t done this camping yet, as soon as I experience the eco-camp, I shall update the details here.

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The lake is also famous for birdwatching as various migratory birds visit this lake. The best time to visit is from the Last week of October till April as then the sun shall be little merciful at that time.

Every year on the first week of January people from various places come to participate in The Chandubi Festival, it takes place for 3-4 days, the festival is worth watching to tourist.


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After you enjoy the day try to leave the place before it gets dark as the road is quite lonely and you are not likely to find traffic. So I hope this post shall give you some interesting idea for a short weekend trip if you are staying near Guwahati. And for tourist who comes to enjoy Incredible Northeast, this lake is a must in your itinerary. See you next time for another interesting article. Take care till then.


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