Know how to plan your Itinerary- Some useful tips for planning a short trip!

Hello readers, Thanks a lot for the overwhelming response to my last post on Pichavaram Mangrove Forest. This is quite an interesting article, I just sat down to write. I have always been fascinated by travelling and travel writing is one of those hobbies which I started since my college days. As a kid I used to visit my father’s ancestral house in Karinganj ( Barak Valley, Assam )and while traveling in a train my Father used to engage us in various games throughout the whole journey. He used to give us small pocket diaries and asked us to write down the Railway stations and total number of tunnels crossed by our train.My readers who are from Assam I am sure know it very well, the journey from Dibrugarh to Karimganj via train (before the new broad gauge came into being) was indeed the most memorable one , as our train used to pass through tunnels, hills, rocky streams and many such places which are still bright in my memories. From there it all started my love for travel writing. Planning a proper itinerary is the biggest hurdle faced by people who love to travel but cannot travel very often. So I have decided to list down some important tips for planning a short trip. A travel itinerary is very important if you 


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Know how to plan your Itinerary- Some useful tips for

planning a short trip!

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So this article will of great help to those who love traveling a lot and love to travel-in-a-budget. And it shall also be helpful to those who are full time working and find it really tough to grant leave from their bosses. This article shall benefit those who do not travel that much but has been always inspired to do so and for frequent travelers do drop in your views regarding this article.

1. Search the calendar for the dates

Since you are working the whole week you need to take a break, from your daily humdrum existence and the best way is to pack your bags and hit the roads. I am sure most of you people have holidays over the weekend,take Saturday and Sunday in your hand, see the annual holiday list if there is a holiday on Friday or Monday include that in your itinerary. In the beginning of the year when you receive your annual holiday list mark out those days of the week you can club with your weekends and plan a short trip.

2. How to chose your destination?

After your leave is done, just sort out what kind of place you want to visit, just check out what are the nearby tourist destinations your place offers where you are currently staying. If there is a wildlife sanctuary or a national park, two to three days in hand is enough for some trekking/ camping /a jeep or an elephant safari. Book a nice resort enjoy a bonfire fire night in the winters or enjoy the starlit sky in summer. If there is a historical site nearby spend the day enjoying the art and architecture, soak some sun if there are beaches nearby, if you are that lucky to stay nearby some Hill-station than probably you don’t need any tips, you know what you gotta do. Or it may be just a simple road trip with your family on your own car or bike. Also check if there are any holiday resorts near your place, because they are nice place to spend the weekend with your family or friends or chill beside the pool all by yourself. It shall definitely drain out all your worries or any kind of fatigue from your mind. You can also use the various search engines for suggestions, i always do that.For frequent travelers you are great planners, just plan your trip as you do always.

3. How to plan your budget?

While planning your destination don’t forget to keep the budget in mind. You know how much you want to spend for that particular destination. Use the search engines to check for hotels, transport etc that sits perfect in your budget. Cut your expenses for the month you are planning to travel.


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4. Which transport shall serve the best?

If you are just planning for a long drive than I am sure most of you take your personal vehicle as self driving is quite adventurous in itself. But if you have three or four days or more in your itinerary, I would suggest to take public transport. That would allow you to enjoy your vacation, the sight seeing, enjoy the thrill of traveling , rather than devoting all your attention towards your car/bike. Take shared taxis or cabs to curb extra expenses, that saves quite a bucks I tell you! Also don’t forget to bargain if you are taking shared taxis.

5. What to pack in your bags?

Packing the bags are always a big headache for us ladies. Make a list of what are the most important items you need when you step outdoors.Don’t overload your luggage. Take as many clothes you need depending on the number of days in your itinerary. If you are traveling to some higher altitude region, take warm clothes, proper shoes are also important part. Take a proper first aid kit with you. If you are traveling with kids or infants you need to be extra conscious and well packed with all the important things they need.

6. Do you need to book a travel agent?

I think Yes, if you want a complete hassle free journey, you are with kids and big family with senior citizens also traveling with you. I have traveled many a times via travel agents, and have also done a brief survey, the outcome is that there is not much difference in the expenditure if you plan your own trip or book via travel agents. And It shall be a No! for bagpackers and people who want to go wild searching out new places, who love adventurous, or traveling alone or going to some places nearby just over the weekend. There are certain places in our country which needs entry passes because of their proximity with bordering nations, if you book a travel agent you need not take all that trouble standing in queue to get those passes, since you are on a fixed itinerary and every minute counts. Moreover it is also quite helpful in certain places to have a local travel guide with you, they know the local language, nice places for eating the local food or markets for shopping etc. For short weekend trips you definitely can plan your own trip.


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7. Is some previous knowledge needed before you hit the roads?

Yes, you should definitely do your homework before you set out your foot on your journey. Gather some proper information about the place you are traveling to. Search the net, use, almost every data is available.It shall help you to know what are the major tourist attractions there, whether the place offer any kind of sports or adventurous activities, etc. Even if you have booked a travel agent I suggest to do proper research about your destination. Even your travel agents will be sure that there clients are well informed tourist.

8. Do you need to carry any documents?

Yes, off course you need to carry certain important documents like your valid identity proof, few passport size copies, if you are traveling to places where you need those passes.Along with with debit/credit cards also keep some cash in your wallet as in certain places an ATM is absolutely out of question.

For the conclusion, I am sure these tips will be helpful to those who loves to travel a lot, it shall also help in planning the trip. Feel free to write me back if my article was helpful to you in anyway. And I shall be more glad to help you. Do drop in your valuable comments. Thanks

P S: The views/suggestions published in this article are solely based on the writer’s experience. This is not a sponsored post. The image sources are also mentioned except of those taken by the author.

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