While Travelling in India one thing you can be very sure that you can travel on a budget if planned properly. Over the years I have travelled to many parts of India. And I have seen that travelling can be really inexpensive if you plan properly. Even for backpackers, there are lots of options that let you travel on a budget. People who love travelling know how much it matters to save money. In India, you can travel in a luxurious way and also in an economical way, it all depends upon your choice. When it comes to travelling on a budget in India there are just a few things you have to keep in mind.

10 Ultimate Tips For Travelling on a Budget in India

If you are a college student planning to travel on your vacation in your limited pocket money or a frequent traveller who loves to explore each and every corner of India sticking to a fixed budget then I am sure these 10 tips will help you to get the most out of your journeys and save your money while travelling on a budget in India.

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1.Plan your trip one or two months ahead

Don’t wait for last-minute itineraries, plan your trip at least two to three months ahead. Watch YouTube videos, read blogs to plan your destinations. This way, you get to decide better on whether you would enjoy the place or not. Other than that, book tickets, hotel reservations, and local transport should be part of your tour planning. You may want to consider looking into a travel credit cards to take with you whist you travel. Credit cards designed for travel can be more universal and therefore more widely accepted than your local bank issued debit card. You should also research this in advance, online resources similar to Money Under 30 and recommedations from bloggers can be a good place to start.

So reserve your tickets if you don’t want to miss any early bird deals. Air tickets and train tickets are the major two factors to look into if you are planning on traveling on a budget in India.

2. Avoid festivals or special occasions

Tickets for aeroplanes and trains tend to increase during special occasions or any festivals. Most people travel either to their hometowns or plan their vacations during this time. India is a land of festivals, I doubt there is not even a single month that exists without any festival.

If you are planning to visit a particular state during a particular festival and want to stick to your budget then I suggest you get your tickets three to four months ahead. It is very easy to figure out the festival dates as you can know it beforehand or seek the Indian Calendar and also the main festivals of India takes places during specific months and there are no changes.

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3. Avoid the peak seasons

I have seen the major tourist attractions in India remains overcrowded during the peak season. For that reason, most of the hotel reservation rates are too high, if are not well planned you may face non-availability of proper rooms especially if you are travelling on a fixed budget.

Vehicle charges are also very high at that time and as there will be lots of tourists the vehicle owners may not entertain any bargain.

If you are planning for travelling on a budget in India it is highly recommended for avoiding peak travel seasons.

4. Available number of budget hotels in India

In India, we are very lucky as we have the option of choosing from both budget hotels and luxury hotels. The budget hotels are generally priced between 1.5k to 2k per day for a room for two people and you can also go for hotel rooms with lower rates but I suggest staying within that range. But before booking makes sure you check the reviews of that hotel.

In places of tourist attractions in India, you will find that almost all proper hotels, lodges, etc are located within the same locality so if you didn’t like the hotel you first selected, you need not worry as you will find lots of hotels within the same area.

For budget hotels to avoid making an online payment, most hotels have a booking over the telephone facility, try to avail it.

5. Staying in homestays in India

In India, if you are travelling on a budget and want to feel the real India, homestays and hostels are the best. If you are travelling to Northeast India since I stay here I recommend you staying in a homestay.

Nowadays most travel lovers are opting for homestays over fancy hotels as they are budget-friendly. You can get close enough with the local people and since India is a land of many cultures and traditions it is the best way to know it.

The homestays provide all amenities you need even sometimes free wi-fi. You need not share your bathrooms with other people facilities are just like a hotel yet you will get a home-like feeling.

6. Hostel Facility for backpackers travelling on a budget

Travellers these days like the low cost associated with staying in a backpacker hostel. For backpackers, if you are travelling on a budget in India and staying in a place for months then I am sure the best option is staying in hostels as it will be cheap and also secured.

They have all basic amenities like bunk beds, free wi-fi, tea-coffee facility, separate kitchens for travellers who love to cook their own food, AC rooms, library, parking places, etc. Some of these hostels also have community halls where they arrange interesting events like a musical night, a rock concert with the local bands, barbecue nights, etc.

7. Go for Staying in an Ashram Guesthouse

In India, if you are travelling on a budget and want to gain some spirituality and also want budget-friendly accommodation then besides hotels or homestays or hostels, you can also stay in an ashram guesthouse. Like you can stay in Bharat Sevashram Sangha guesthouse or guesthouse of Sri Ram Krishna Mission, but I recommend pre-booking your rooms. places to stay if you are on a budget. Not only in India these organisations have their branches abroad.

8. Food

While travelling in India you must keep in mind that India is a place where millions of people survive on less than Rs100 per day. So food is inexpensive in India, it’s up to your taste and choice that you can enjoy plain simple dal chawal (Rice and pulses) in an affordable local restaurant or enjoy the same dishes in a high-end posh restaurant.

India has it all, from highway dhabas to local food stalls that serve authentic food, traditional Indian food, thalis (a platter with different kinds of preparations) where you can enjoy minimum 10 items at one go, to the Indian version of Chinese food.

You can also eat at the Ashrams, temples, Gurudwaras. Don’t hesitate to try the food at a Dhaba (Roadside food stall especially on a highway) as you will get the true flavour of Indian food there.

9. Shopping in the local market

Again Indian markets are the best places where you can shop till you drop, the best way to save money and stick to your budget is a bargain.

Try to visit the local markets, most of the items like home decor stuff, bags, shoes, clothes, etc you will find inexpensive shopping malls also have a slightly cheaper version there.

But trust me the fun and enjoyment you will find while shopping from the street markets is far far different and enjoyable than shopping from a mall.

While shopping from a stall near a place of tourist attraction, try not to show the shopkeeper your excitement on spotting that favourite piece of bag you had been searching since quite a long time, stick to the rate which you have proposed.

Even if he refuses to sell the item you need not worry as most of the shops sells similar stuff and you can go ahead.

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10. Communication for Short distance

While travelling on a budget in India for communicating within short distances you can take an auto-rickshaw, all the metro cities are well connected by metro rails, electric trains, buses that ply frequent and the fare ranges from a minimum of Rs5.

India has a large network of train connectivity. If you are planning to tour India and have some time in your hand then travelling on train is recommended, it will save your money and you can know the real India.

Due to the IRCTC app/website booking train tickets has become hassle-free. State-run buses are there. For that visit ISBT or the State Transport Service office and there you can get information regarding bus timings and other necessary details.

So that was all, hope you will find these tips useful and I shall be glad if you add some of your tips and experiences about travelling in India on a budget in the comment section below. And please like and share.



#travellingonabudgetinIndia #inidabudgettravelling #indiatravel #inidatravelguide #budgettravel

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