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How I Deal with my Post Vacation Depression!!

Post Vacation depression is probably the most hated part of any trip, no matter how many days, weeks or months you traveled when the time comes to bade goodbye and go home back to your normal daily life its really heart breaking and distressing. For me I need so much time to overcome this phase time which means not just days and months but till the next trip is planned.I am sure I am not just one who goes through this phase but everyone finds it difficult to cope up with your normal day to day life after a thrilling adventure trip or vacation. It can help to create something like memory quilts which can serve as a reminder for the fun times you had on your vacation.

Well here are some points which I am sure will help you fight with your post travel depression but before that let’s make something clear about what exactly Post Travel Depression is.

Post Vacation Depression-What is it exactly?

Its one of those feeling which people who love to travel faces the most. Saying goodbye to your basic life at home, planning a trip, packing your bags, leaving your home, travelling to some of exotic locations may all seem very exciting but the most difficult part one faces is when the vacation comes to an end and one head back home.

For me sometimes I start feeling bad since the last remaining days of my vacation, I lack motivation and keep on asking my husband if we can extend our trip for a day or two. Sometimes that vacation depression can turn long-term if not properly dealt with, it’s a lot, but, there are ways to get the right help, some people will turn to herbal medications to give themselves some relief, checking out things such as Arden NOVA, as well as other areas.

We don’t find interest in anything, we see a different world while we were travelling we meet people from different places having different lifestyles and culture but coming back home when we see not much has changed. Travelling changes us as person, changes out outlook, broadens our thinking horizon. So adjusting to the old environment as a person who has changed is a difficult task altogether.

What I do to cope with Post Vacation Depression

Listed below are some easy ways by which I try to fight with my post travel blues.

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How I Deal with my Post Vacation Depression!!
  • Meet my friends

The first thing I do is catching up with my friends. Friends are like you can say medicines, therapy, etc. I have friends who loves to travel and are always ready to hear my travel stories and experiences. Besides telling them my travel tales I also get to hear what I have missed may be a birthday party at one of my favorite restaurant or club, or may be a wedding party which I was eagerly waiting for but couldn’t attend as I was on my trip. So all these helps to bring me back to my real world, a world where my friends missed me, where they wanted to share the space.

  • Share my photos in social media at regular intervals

We all have a tendency to upload all our photographs in social media like Facebook / Twitter or Instagram, which we have clicked during our vacation the moment we reach home. I used to do that but I suggest you to stop doing that. Once you upload all the pictures and there is nothing left to share you will start feeling depressed, as it will keep you reminding that the vacation has ended and now you are back in your normal life. Upload pictures in batches, it helps you revisit your memories over and over again at regular intervals.At first get used to your normal life, start getting engaged in your daily chores and then when you share your pictures with your friends the photos will make your memories fresh without making you depressed.

  • Visit friends to gift them the souvenirs and mementos I bough for them.

I Invite my friends or relatives over at home or just pay a visit to them and gift them those wonderful mementos or gifts which I have bought just for them. Who doesn’t love gifts, you will feel good in the company of your loved one and you can also share with them the details about your gift , why you have chosen that particular gift, from where you bought it and what does it signify, tell them about your shopping experiences.

  • Decorate my home with stuffs I bought from my last trip

When I travel I make sure to buy local stuffs like home decorating items, clothes, shoes, etc whatever is specific to that particular place. And after I come home I take a day or two to arrange those souvenirs or mementos I bought at specific places in my house. I love decorating my house, placing the showpieces I bought in my favorite corner of the house gives me a happy and contented feeling. That is a nice way to deal with your travel blues.

  • Make short trips to nearby places

Who said you cannot make trip in your own hometown, once you are back! I often go for small road trips over the weekend to get rid of the vacation blues I am facing. Explore a new place, India is a land of temples and I am sure you also have one in your place which you haven’t visited yet, go there get to know all about its history gutepotenz.de.

If you have kids then engage in some DIY creative activity with them, take them out for an outing, a boat ride may be. I stay in Guwahati and the nearest exotic place we have is Shillong in Meghalaya, so we often go there for a long ride or just enjoy our favorite sizzlers at Jiva Sizzlers which is quite famous and located in Police Bazar. There are many places in Meghalaya that we are yet to visit so we make short trips there and its another way to keep the traveler’s spirit intact in us.

  • Read travel related books and articles

I love reading books and articles on the internet , so whenever I am free I read more about the places, I have visited and try to relate my experiences with the author’s and it really fascinates me when I find that I have been to the exact coffee shop or took a picture at the exact place which the author has mentioned in his book or my favorite travel blogger has shared a picture in the social media or in their blogs.

  • Start planning my next trip

Sometimes some vacations leave behind deep impressions on me and I find it very difficult to adjust myself at work, I don’t feel like going anywhere,I stay at home and go through my pictures, feel monotonous. Well at that time one thing really helps that is planning about my next trip. Me and my husband with whom I travel, we sit down together and browse the internet searching for next best places to visit, sorting holiday slots from our work when we can turn that plan into reality. We browse holiday websites for hours at a time sometimes. Checking the finer details, such as making sure the swimming pools have past their pool barrier inspections, checking out the menus of the hotels, reading the complaints… the list goes on. Every little detail is exciting when it comes to a vacation – we want to know it all!

  • Give myself some “me-time”

It’s important to take a few days to adjust to post-vacation life, especially if you’ve been away for a while. Take some time to relax, run yourself a bubble bath, read your favourite book and make sure to grab your favourite relaxing herbal remedies off https://royalcbd.com/. Personally, I love to visit a good salon, pamper myself, go for a movie with my girlfriends, get a new haircut done, try all those home remedies to get rid of my tan which I got from my last trip, try to cook new recipes from local cuisines which I have learnt from the place I was in during my vacation. All these are perfect ways to get rid of your vacation blues, trust me on that!

  • Blogging about my latest vacation

Since I love blogging, most of day post my vacation are spent planning topics for my blog on the latest places I have visited, selecting pictures, editing them, whole lot of work to do. It keeps me busy and connected and You who are not into blogging can write down your experiences in your personal diary or simply maintain a journal to jot down all details about your vacation and moments that changed your life forever. You can share your thoughts and feelings how you felt when you were away from your loved ones and now how you feel when you are back with them

We all love to travel but we should also stay connected to our life back home where we have a family who love us, parents who care for us and asked us whenever we made a phone call asking us, “How are you? Are you enjoying your trip? Don’t get sick? Stay well! “, friends who missed us and texted every now and then “When are you coming back?”. So its important for us refrain ourselves from memories that keep on lingering for a long time. We need to stay motivated, keep a goal and work for it.

Hope these points will help you to cope up with your post vacation depression. If you have more tips than feel free to share in the comment section below. Also share with your friends.

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  1. I am going through this exact phase at the moment as I just returned from my trip to Florida. Luckily I’m planning my next trip. One other thing you can do is to share the memories with your friends even while you are on holiday. They’ll ask you about it and you get the chance to retell your story.

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